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Brant Point Lighthouse

The ever-shifting battalion of sandbars, or shoals, lurking beneath the waters that surround Nantucket have caused between 700 and 800 shipwrecks in recorded history. All three of Nantucket’s lighthouses were originally built as navigational tools, but today, modern technology has

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Great Point Lighthouse

At the northernmost point of the island out past Wauwinet, within the Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Reserve, you’ll find the most powerful light in New England! Officially named the Nantucket Light, it was first erected in 1784 as a wooden tower. A

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Sankaty Head Lighthouse

The name of this lighthouse is derived from the language of the Native Americans who lived on Nantucket, the Wampanoags. Their word “sankoty” means highland, and even erosion hasn’t changed the appropriateness of that name. The brick-and-granite structure sits 70

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