Now that you have a dream home on Nantucket, you can make it all your own with unique items from these antique shops and home décor specialists.  Handwoven throws drape beautifully across your couch for cool island evenings. You simply must have at least one Nantucket Lightship basket. And marine antiques bring a touch of history to your home and make great conversation pieces.  Fresh flowers can be the final touch to make a house a home.

Nantucket Antiques

Nantucket’s rich history is represented by these fine shops.

Nantucket Home Décor

  • Catchin’ with Tuna

    There are plenty of pastimes to be had on Nantucket: many miles of trails and bike paths, an abundance of activities and attractions, so many marvelous museums. And of course, there is the ocean. Whether it’s swimming or shelling or just walking in the surf with wet, sandy feet, the beach never seems to get old. This year, with the help of our friend Steve Tornovish, we rediscovered a longlost love for a coastal activity in our family: fishing. The post Catchin’ with Tuna appeared first on Yesterdays Island, Todays Nantucket.

  • Transitioning to Organic

    Over the last fifteen years, 6th generation farmer/owner, Dave Bartlett, has been transitioning every aspect of Bartlett’s Farm’s field-grown produce to Certified Organic. I t has been a long and arduous process, with endless lists of requirements, years of transitioning the fields away from conventional approaches, buffer zones, long inspections, The post Transitioning to Organic appeared first on Yesterdays Island, Todays Nantucket.

  • A Day to Learn about Wampanoag Culture

    This Wednesday, August 10, you can learn to make traditional crafts and toys with Wampanoag artisans, examine the tools and objects that were used in daily Wampanoag life, and learn about this native culture and people by asking questions and engaging with members of the Wampanoag tribe. The Nantucket Historical The post A Day to Learn about Wampanoag Culture appeared first on Yesterdays Island, Todays Nantucket.

  • Happy Birthday Maria

    The night sky above Nantucket is not like most places. Celestial bodies seem to shine differently here, thirty miles out to sea and surrounded by the dark waters of the Atlantic. We are far enough away from big city light pollution, and the air is clearer. On a clear night, this island boasts some of the best stargazing human eyes can behold.  The post Happy Birthday Maria appeared first on Yesterdays Island, Todays Nantucket.