Now that you have a dream home on Nantucket, you can make it all your own with unique items from these antique shops and home décor specialists.  Handwoven throws drape beautifully across your couch for cool island evenings. You simply must have at least one Nantucket Lightship basket. And marine antiques bring a touch of history to your home and make great conversation pieces.  Fresh flowers can be the final touch to make a house a home.

Nantucket Antiques

Nantucket’s rich history is represented by these fine shops.

Nantucket Home Décor

  • The First Rule of “Fish Club”

    The cross-examination was withering: question after question, each one seemingly a tripwire cleverly placed to snare my plodding steps. The law yer pressed me relentlessly, stepping up his attack by the slightest degree, sensing that I was a moment away from falling apart. And he was right—my confidence was waning, and I was f loundering. I couldn’t play his game any longer. I reverted to what I did best, what had gotten me this far, what has always been the key to my survival I counterpunched. The post The First Rule of “Fish Club” appeared first on Yesterdays Island, Todays Nantucket.

  • Honoring Life Savers

    Nantucket’s history is filled with stories of heroic lifesaving efforts made by ordinary citizens and those who went above and beyond the call of duty. Honoring that tradition, Egan Maritime Institute and Nantucket Cottage Hospital recognize the following modern-day lifesavers at an annual Lifesavers Recognition Day on Monday, September 11 The post Honoring Life Savers appeared first on Yesterdays Island, Todays Nantucket.

  • This Sunday Is for Rainbows

    This Sunday morning, August 20, hundreds will trek to the beach at Brant Point to watch a beautiful and joyful spectacle that has been a part of summer on Nantucket for half a century: the Rainbow Parade. Artist G.S. Hill is usually among them. “I do a lot of on-location sketches during Opera Cup,” he explained. “The first year we were here, 1979, was the first year that I painted the Rainbow Fleet…it’s one of my favorite subjects. They’re so colorful!” The post This Sunday Is for Rainbows appeared first on Yesterdays Island, Todays Nantucket.

  • Still Surfing after All These Years

    When you step through the door at 50 Main Street, you step into a combination of past and present. An impressive array of rare and vintage timepieces dominates the front of The Trinity Collection. These exquisite, sophisticated watches were curated by owner E. Townsend Wright III, who delights in helping his patrons find the perfect timepiece to match their personality and their style. Many of his clients know him from visiting his shop in Palm Beach during the winter and are delighted to find him on Nantucket’s Main Street from June through September. The post Still Surfing after All These Years appeared first on Yesterdays Island, Todays Nantucket.