Nantucket By Water
Nantucket By Water
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You’ve come to an island, of course you want to have fun on and in the water on Nantucket! Here are suggestions for boating, fishing, seal cruises, whale watching, sailing, yachts, and more! Check out our Fishing Information to learn where to get your fishing license and more.

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Nantucket Fishing Information

Recreational Season: (Sun. only) Sept 15 – June 14. Permit required. Limit: one 10-quart pail per week. Steamer shell must be 2 inches

Recreational Season: Sept. 1 – April 30; permit required. Limit: one-half bushel per wk. Oysters must be 3 inches.

Open season from May 1-Dec. 31; no permit required unless using traps. Return egg-bearing females. 4-1/8 inch shell width spine to spine. 50 crabs a day.

Open Season. No permit required.

Open Season; permit required. Limit: one-half bushel per wk. Shell must be 1 inch at the hinge.

Shellfish permits are issued by the Town of Nantucket at the Marine & Coastal Resources Department,

4 Fairgrounds Rd.

Closed Season; permit required. Recreational Season: (Wed. – Sun.) Oct. 1 – March 31. Recreational limit is one bushel per week. Scallops must have a well-defined raised growth ring.