Lost Farm Sanctuary Hike

Nantucket Walkabout | Nantucket, MA
September 22, 2019 @ 8:00 am

2 Hours

Sitting on 90 acres at the north end of Hummock Pond on its east side, like Gardner Farm immediately south, Lost Farm’s former vegetable fields have given way to shrubs and native pitch pines. While this transition continues with all stages visible on the property, there is also an extensive pitch pine forest with some of the tallest pines on Nantucket. Trails meander through this forest with one tracking the eastern shore of the north end of Hummock Pond. Nantucket has few forests in the mainland sense, but pitch pines at Lost Farm constitute one of the best examples of forested land on the island. Bird calls echo among the pines as the wind blowing over Hummock Pond creates a whispering effect rushing through the trees’ needles. White-tailed deer frequent this property. There are mute swans, various duck species, great blue herons and ospreys on and around the pond where snapping and painted turtles poke their heads up from.

The area is within Nantucket’s oldest outwash plain of sandplain grasslands and contains pitch pine forests and a cattail-choked inlet over which a small walkway passes. This is one of the shorter hikes Nantucket Walkabout leads and is close to Cisco Beach and Cisco Brewery.
What to Bring
Please wear whatever walking footwear works for you, and we strongly recommend bringing the following items on our hike: bug spray, water, a snack, and sunblock lotion. You may also wish to bring a camera, binoculars and compass to see more, plus a lightweight waterproof jacket if it looks like rain!