Gardner Farm Hike

Nantucket Walkabout | Nantucket, MA
September 27, 2019 @ 8:00 am

2 Hours

Formerly a vegetable farm along the east of side of Hummock Pond, the Land Bank’s Gardner Farm property runs along Hummock Pond, a glacial meltwater river bed that once ran roughly 75 miles south out to the edge of the continental shelf. Now closed off to the ocean and filled with slightly brackish water — the Town of Nantucket opens the pond to the ocean twice a year — the pond is home to painted and snapping turtles, one to two pairs of nesting ospreys and scores of mute swans.

The area is within Nantucket’s oldest outwash plain of sandplain grasslands and contains pitch pine forests and a cattail-choked inlet over which a small walkway passes. This is one of the shorter hikes Nantucket Walkabout leads and is close to Cisco Beach and Cisco Brewery.

-This hike costs $40 for adults and $20 for children 12 and under. Check the Hike Calendar to see when we are hiking the Gardner Farm trail and to book it. To arrange for a private hike on this route, call or email us for our rates and to discuss your hiking needs.

What to Bring
Please wear whatever walking footwear works for you, and we strongly recommend bringing the following items on our hike: bug spray, water, a snack, and sunblock lotion. You may also wish to bring a camera, binoculars and compass to see more, plus a lightweight waterproof jacket if it looks like rain!