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Nantucket Live Cams

Harborview CamHarborview Cam
The Nantucket Dreamland has a live web cam located on the balcony of their Harborview Room.
View from Easy StreetView from Easy Street
Provided by Killen Real Estate, sit harbor-side and watch the action.
Unitarian Church CamUnitarian Church Cam
Located high on the tower of the Unitarian Church on Orange Street, this cam gives a bird's eye view of town and harbor. This cam is not available for Internet Explorer.
Great Point Cam
Courtesy of the Trustees of Reservations and Boston University. This cam is located out at Great Point and is often affected by weather, but worth the wait!

In the Age of Strawberries

by Robert P. Barsanti We celebrated the beginning of summer with picking two quarts of strawberries. Two quarts of strawberries, bought at the market, have a certain capitalistic balance. Someone measured how many strawberries could go into the box so that you could feel like you were getting a g... Read More...

Golf in the Kingdom

-by Robert P. Barsanti- June comes with velocity. The momentum tips in March, with a few polite e-mail and a gentle phone call; "Could you find someone to paint the house?" Hidden under the calendar, the deadlines ride a dark current until the warmth of May dries out the island and, far out on th... Read More...

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