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Nantucket Beach Conditions
Beach Conditions are made available from during the summer season. We will post them here as soon as they become available each day.

Beginning August 31, 2017 All beaches are closed for the season with lifeguard service suspended until next season.

Flag Legend

No Swimming Flag Conditions:

  • • Swimming in this area is dangerous.

Red Flag Conditions:
For Your Safety the Beach is Closed

  • • Rough and dangerouis ocean conditions
  • • Weather and surf conditions may change suddenly
  • • Surf conditions running 3 ft. and larger
  • • Strong currents
  • • White caps due to high wind conditions
  • • Portuguese man-o-war (Jellyfish) may exist near shoreline.

Yellow Flag Conditions:
Please use caution at all times.

  • • Surf conditions up to 3 ft.
  • • Wind and surf conditions may also change with little or no warning.
  • • Currents may exist under the ocean surface

Green Flag Conditions:
Have fun and be safe!

  • • Calm Conditions
  • • Use caution
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