Life in the Wake of the Whaling Masters, with Tom Hall & Family Life on a Whaler, with Marsha Hall Brown

Nantucket Historical Association
July 23, 2019 @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm

Tom Hall and Martha Hall Brown will give a pair of lectures on Whaling and lives on board a Whale ship.

Life in the Wake of the Whaling Masters, with Tom Hall

By examining the lives of Captain Seth Pinkham and Captain Joseph Marshall it is found that their commitment to the universal demand of usefulness provides important instruction for today and the future.

Family Life on a Whaler, with Marsha Hall Brown

From the numerous letters, memoirs, and published sources by and about Captain Joseph Marshall, Malvina Pinkham Marshall, and Helen Marshall the story can now be told of how this ship’s captain and his wife became true partners in the business of whaling, all the while devoting themselves to each other and their unique family life with their young daughter.

Tom Hall of Foster, Rhode Island, a graduate of Dartmouth College, former naval officer, English teacher, and lay pastor, has spent a highly satisfying retirement editing books for the New Testament Scholars of the Jesus Seminar. Raised from an early age to be mindful of his family’s whaling lore, he was readily persuaded to accept the task of polishing the manuscript of his sister’s new book, Under Sun, Stars and Sails. In fact, for Tom, this intimate examination of the life of Joseph, Malvina, and Helen Marshall renewed his memories of meeting his elderly Cousin Helen in 1937 when he was just beginning his life’s voyage and she was nearing the end of hers.

Marsha Hall Brown, a descendant of Nantucket whaling masters and of the island’s founding families, has for many years been a donor and volunteer for acquisitions at New England libraries and museums including artifacts for the 2017 Nantucket Historical Association’s exhibit, Dear Absent Ones: The Seafaring Pinkhams. With degrees from California State Universities Hayward and Fullerton, she is a retired professor of Communication and Rhetorical Studies and as a writer is the recipient of honors from the American Library Association and Maxwell Gold Medals. A long-time summer resident of Nantucket she lives with her husband in Murrieta, California where she also writes on topics related to women’s studies and pure-bred dogs.