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Flag Legend

No Swimming Flag Conditions:

  • • Swimming in this area is dangerous.

Red Flag Conditions:
For Your Safety the Beach is Closed

  • • Rough and dangerouis ocean conditions
  • • Weather and surf conditions may change suddenly
  • • Surf conditions running 3 ft. and larger
  • • Strong currents
  • • White caps due to high wind conditions
  • • Portuguese man-o-war (Jellyfish) may exist near shoreline.

Yellow Flag Conditions:
Please use caution at all times.

  • • Surf conditions up to 3 ft.
  • • Wind and surf conditions may also change with little or no warning.
  • • Currents may exist under the ocean surface

Green Flag Conditions:
Have fun and be safe!

  • • Calm Conditions
  • • Use caution
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