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I am coming to the Island this summer for a couple weeks and enjoy fishing the beaches and from boats. I was told by an acquaintance that I needed a fishing license. Is that true?

Submited by Mark from Philadelphia

Hi Mark, To legally fish anywhere on Nantucket, you must obtain a permit from www.mass.gov for just $10. If you are 16 or younger, you don't need a permit. If you are 60 or older, you must obtain a permit, but it is free.

Hi, I want to ask,is any room available for 3 people to sleep on Nantucket? We are coming on Nantucket for work, and planning to stay till end of september. Can you please tell me about the availability of the rooms, the dates, the rent weekly? Thank you very much, Hope to hear from you very soon. Regards, Vlatko

Submited by Vlatko from Hyannis

Please check out our "Lodging" page on Nantucket.net for more information. http://nantucket.net/lodging/index.php

Do you need a car on Nantucket?

Submited by Gina from Montreal

Hello Gina, No you do not necessarily need a car on Nantucket. When the ferry (most commonly used for transportation) lets its passengers off, you are already in the middle of town. Once you are here there are a number of places where bike, moped or scooter rentals are available. However, if you feel like walking, you are only a short distance from some of the best beaches, museums and restaurants that are located in or surround town. Here is a map from Nantucket.net with some recreational options such as shopping, dinning or and other services you may desire to visit, http://nantucket.net/maps/index.php

How do I go about finding a reliable and reputable babysitter?

Submited by Dee from Boston

Hi Dee, On Nantucket there are countless resources you can use to find a reliable and reputable babysitter. On Nantucket.net we have our own classified section which reaches out to babysitters and nannies needed across the island, you can find that here, nantucket.net/classifieds/?s=babysitter&sa=search&scat=0 There are also companies such as NannyTucket or Chaos Control which place experienced and qualified nannies and babysitters with families on the island.

Hi, I am coming to visit in July. I WOULD LIKE TO BRING MY DOGS. What are the rules about where dogs can and can not go? Are there dog friendly places? How do I find out the islands rules?

Submited by susan from New York

Hello Susan, There are many places, beaches and parks, around the island that are dog friendly. Dogs are allowed on the beaches that have lifeguards before 9 am and after 5 pm everyday during the peak season. If there is not a lifeguard stationed at their stand, dogs are welcomed anytime of the day. Be sure to note that dogs must be on a leash at all times and the owner is responsible for removing all waste from the beach. For more information on which beaches are dog friendly, here is an alternate link, http://petfriendlynantucket.com/parks-beaches.html

Do I need an ID to get into Nantucket Island

Submited by Maria from New York

Hi Maria, No you do not need an ID to get into Nantucket Island. However, when you purchase your ticket, whether that be by boat or plane, you might be required to show some sort of identification.

Is there a map listing all Nantucket beaches by location number.

Submited by Peter Louderback from Nantucket

Hi Peter, There are many Google Images of the island where numbers are used to indicate where each beach is located and what they are called- this website included http://www.nantucketchamber.org/beaches.html. On our website, Nantucket.net, we also have a map of the island including the beaches, http://nantucket.net/beaches/index.php - Copy and Paste this URL for more information about where on the island each beach is located!

Can I drive my street legal electric golf cart around Nantucket? I would like to visit for a wk & rent a house. How would I get my golf cart there, slow ferry, not fast I assume. What is the nicest calmest beach. And what is average water temp?

Submited by Amy Parker from Slaughter Beach, De

Sorry Amy, but the Nantucket Police Department tells us that it is not legal to drive an electric golf cart around Nantucket. If you were to bring it with you to play a round of golf, you would have to make a reservation on the Steamship Authority traditional ferry -- then you'd be left with the problem of how to get it from the ferry dock to your rental, since you are not permitted to drive it there.

The calmest beach depends on the weather. Typically (but not always), the calmest beaches tend to be on north side of Nantucket, along the harbor.

We plan on taking Hy-Line cruise from Hyanis to Nantucket in early August. If we depart Hyannis at 12:00 on high speed arriving at about 1:00, are we giving ourselves enough time to get a feel for the island. Or should we plan on a 9:10 departure returning at 4:35? If we leave at 9:10, depart at 4:35 is there enough to do on Main Street to keep us busy and entertained for almost six hours?

Submited by Tom Ernster from Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Definitely take the morning boat (9:10am)--there is PLENTY to do in the heart of Nantucket Town to occupy you for 6 hours. Pick up a copy of Yesterday's Island/Today's Nantucket for the map and fabulous events calendar to help plan your day. In 6 hours you can:

Visit the Whaling Museum

Have lunch at the beach: pick up a takeout lunch at one of the many downtown eateries and walk or take the NRTA Shuttle one of several beaches close to town.

Stroll around the wharves

Have a cup of locally roasted Nantucket Coffee Roasters coffee at The Bean, 4 India Street.

Take a 90-minute van tour with Gail's Tours, led by Gail, whose family has lived on Nantucket for generations, or take a walking tour with Bill of Nantucket Walking Tours (his tour schedule is listed in Yesterday's Island -- you don't need reservations)

Visit the shops, galleries, and antique shops in town.

We're betting that you'll wish you had more time on Nantucket Island when you have to head back to the docks.

I am interested in visiting Nantucket this summer with my family (boys age 8 and 5). Ideally we'd like to stay a bit off the beaten path, and if not ocean front, very close to the ocean. Are there any ideal beaches (not as rough) for kids? We are inclined to not bring a car on the ferry. How to families lug all their stuff on/off the ferry and to their houses? If you are far away from town, how easy is it to get an adult to the grocery store to get supplies for several days?

Submited by chris from washington dc

North Shore beaches on Nantucket are usually good for children: you can read about our island beaches and see a map here. Click the links along the left side to see details on each beach listed. Please remember that any beach has its dangers, including rip tides, kids being pulled under by waves, etc, and keep a close eye on your little ones. Take note of which beach you are at (there will be a red-and-white sign) in case you need to call for help.

Your other questions depend very much on where you stay. There are taxis and shuttle buses on the island to help you get your family and your luggage to your accommodations. There are two main grocery stores here: one in the heart of town and one mid-island. Plus there is a grocery store at Bartlett's Farm, there is Annye's Whole Foods mid-island, and a market in Siasconset. You could bike to the store, but if you are staying in Wauwinet, Polpis, Madaket, Quaise, or several other areas, it would be a healthy ride.

How badly has Nantucket been effected by the wicked bad winter storms of 2015? Will the island be ready for Memorial Day visitors?

Submited by Deb from Texas

We are ready!

Is Sunday a good day to visit Nantucket? Are there many stores open on Sunday, April 26, 2015?

Submited by CB from Oklahoma

April 26 is the Sunday of Daffodil Festival Weekend, so, yes, shops will be open and there will be more activities than on most April weekends. Don't miss the annual Daffodil Flower Show at Bartlett's Farm! For more information, check our Calendar of Events.

We are coming to West yarmouth first week in May and would like to take a day trip to Nantucket. Can we walk from the Steamship Authoirty dock to town? If not taxis are available and how much woild the fare be?

Submited by Elaine geldert from Long Island, ny

Nantucket is a great town for walking! Boats from both ferry companies -- the Steamship Authority and Hy-Line Cruises -- dock about a block from town. It's an easy walk from the docks to our cobblestoned Main Street, to the Nantucket Whaling Museum, and to shops and restaurants. Walk just a little farther, and you can visit one of our beaches and Brant Point Lighthouse.

Two couples will be coming to Nantucket for the first time. Is there an easy place to go on the internet to see about renting house/condos/hotels? Also, somewhere that will tell us what someone can do there? We will be coming the last week of July. Do you know if rates are cheaper if you arrive a certain day of the week and leave a certain day. We know nothing about Nantucket. Also, Would it be less expensive to stay at Hyannis Port and travel over to Nantucket? Any help you can give me would be appreciated. And thanks

Submited by Susan Koche from Sellersburg Indiana

Well you are in the right place to find out all you need to know about Nantucket Island: there are sections of Nantucket.net to help you find the ideal lodging or rentals, how to plan transportation to and around Nantucket, along with events, dining options, beaches, museums, art, maps, photos, and more.

In July, we will be heading up to the cape for a bit before ending our tour in Nantucket.Our ticketed Jblue flight from DC is to land on Nantucket at 5:05. I won't hold you to it, don't worry- but would it be resonable to think that we might be able to make the 6:15 fast ferry to Hyannis that eve?

Submited by Ann Sykes from RIchmond, VA, USA

The answer to your question is probably: with no traffic, a taxi can get from Nantucket Airport to the ferry docks (either one) in 20 minutes or less. Our question to you is why would you fly into Nantucket only to leave our island an hour later? Browse through these photos to see why you might want to stay just a day or two on Nantucket Island before you head to Hyannis.

What is there to do with 16 year old child?

Submited by Diana from Denver Colorado

Teens can enjoy a number of activities on Nantucket Island. There is sailing, surfing classes, art workshops, fishing expeditions, nature walks, bicycle tours, and more. Check our Recreation Section and our Calendar of Events for details.

My husband and I are visiting Nantucket April 18-20...and bringing our bicycles. Is there a way to get from the ferry terminal to our airbnb lodging with our bicycles AND our suitcases? Or do we manage on our own?

Submited by Jeanne from Brookline, MA

This depends on where your lodging is located and the size of your suitcases. Nantucket is crisscrossed by well-maintained bike paths, so chances are that you can use one to get close to your air bnb. You can see a map of the bike paths at the bottom of this page.

The island shuttle service, NRTA, does have bike racks, but they do not begin service until May.

Is taxi service available? Are motor scooters available?

Submited by Paul O'CONNELL from NH

Taxis, yes. Shuttle Bus service, yes. Mopeds, yes. Bicycles, yes. Check our Transportation page for more details on how to get around Nantucket.

My husband and I have visited Nantucket many times over the years. The last couple of visits we rented a house. We are "empty nesters" now, but we have two perfectly trained Yorkshire Terriers we prefer to take with us on vacation. We have not been able to find a house to rent that will accept dogs. Might you know of someone willing to accept our Yorkies?

Submited by Donna Brown from Manlius, New York

There are several hotels and inns on the island that do accept dogs. Try the Brass Lantern or The Wharf Cottages. For details about these lodging options, check our lodging section of Nantucket.net.

3 couples are thinking of heading to Nantucket for Thanksgiving. We found a house we hope to rent. Will there still be shops and restaurants open in November? While relaxation is priority, some of our members like to stay active. I'm originally from a resort town and I know a lot of restaurants, etc close down between seasons.

Submited by Wendy from Wyoming

Thanksgiving is a great time to visit Nantucket Island. There are a few restaurants open for Thanksgiving, but not many, so if you intend to dine out, we recommend that you make advance reservations. If you decide to cook a traditional Thanksgiving dinner at your rental home, Bartlett's Farm, Cowboy's Meat Market, and Annye's Whole Foods are great places to order your turkey and ingredients or prepared sides and desserts.

The Friday after Thanksgiving is the Illumination of the Trees on Main Street. Community members and visitors gather to sing carols and see the Christmas trees lit for the first time that season. Plan on being able to go to the movies, see a play or play reading, attend a concert, and visit special holiday exhibitions. Our Calendar of Events will keep you up-to-date on what's happening.

Can you please tell me the name of the kitchen store across the street from Sweet Inspirations candy store. Need to order Nantucket pepper mill. Thank you

Submited by Marge from Ohio

We're sorry to break the news to you that Complete Kitchen, which used to be on Centre Street across from Sweet Inspirations closed years ago, and that the Nantucket Gourmet on India Street shut its doors at the end of 2014. We suggest you contact the manufacturer directly: Tom David, Inc, a Nantucket Company at http://www.unicornmills.com.

is it against the law to let your dog roam the streets of Nantucket? Thank you.

Submited by Shannon from Nantucket

There is a Leash Law on Nantucket that we were told is island-wide. Any dog found roaming without a leash will be picked up and brought to the island animal shelter for its own safety.

My husband and I are planning to see a show at the Dreamland theater in June. The show will be over around 11 pm. Are there ferries that we will be able to take to get back to Cape Cod at that time or is it necessary to get a hotel for the night in Nantucket? Are there other options to get off the island that late at night? Thanks

Submited by melissa from New Jersey

The last ferries off Nantucket in June depart before 11 pm as do the last flights. You will need to spend the night here. There are a number of comfortable and convenient inns and hotels very near The Dreamland and the docks -- you can find one here.

Hi-- We are spending a week on the island in June and need to rent/borrow baby items: bassinet, pack-n-play, stroller. Who might we contact for this? Apparently, "Baby's Away New England" no longer operates in MA. Please help. Thank you.

Submited by pss from Wisconsin

If you go to our telephone directory app for Nantucket -- CALL NANTUCKET -- which you can download from here you can do a search for the keyword "baby" and discover several options. If you do not use a smartphone, then you can also search our Nantucket Directory phone book on the mobile site from your computer.

We wanted to visit Nantucket because my husband's family settled on the Island many generations ago and my husband is researching his family tree. We know of the Foulger Museum, what other resources are there for that type of research?

Submited by Sandy Edinger from Philadelphia

We also suggest The Fair Street Museum, but whether you begin there or at the Peter Foulger, The Nantucket Historical Association is the best place to start your search.

I've never been to Nantucket but have always wanted to go to. My Husband and I are thinking about renting for a week during the summer. How much does car rental usually cost on the island in July. Is a car really necessary? I want to see all of the island and I'm not an avid biker....

Submited by Kara Wirch from Sunrise, FL

Car rentals on Nantucket in July can be expensive, and parking is not always easy during the peak summer months. Keep in mind that Nantucket is approx. 7 miles by 14 miles. Whether you need a car will depend upon where your rental is located. If your rental is just a few blocks from downtown Nantucket, then you will probably be fine walking, riding bicycles, or using the NRTA shuttle bus. If you are renting a place in Madaket or Wauwinet or Sconset, then you might want to consider renting a car. You'll find some rental options here, and most have maps so you can see exactly how far you'll be from town.

About 8 yrs. Ago I visited and stayed in a small complex of cottages that had been "saved" and turned into accommodations for visitors. It was near The Juice Bar. Have friends who want to visit and cannot remember the name.

Submited by Jeanne Leonard from Lexington, NC

We cannot think of any cottages that are close to The Juice Bar, however "close" is a relative term. Some of the cottages near downtown Nantucket that are available for rent include: Wharf Cottages and some cottages on Still Dock. We recommend that you peruse our Cottage Rentals page.

We are interested in 3-5 day B&B or Inn stay for two people the week of April 20 or 27. What would you recommend? Which lodgings on Nantucket will welcome small dogs in the "off-season"? Thanks

Submited by Craig Donaldson from Lincoln, MA

The three days we recommend you visit Nantucket are April 24, 25, and 26, because that is when the Nantucket Island Chamber of Commerce will host the Nantucket Daffodil Festival. You can get a sense of this fun festival by visiting DaffodilFestival.com, which has photos and information from the 2014 celebration.

There are several Nantucket inns and hotels that welcome dogs, year-round. You'll find them listed on our our Nantucket.net Lodging Pages.

Are there festivals on Nantucket Island in May?

Submited by Mike from Greenville, SC

Yes! One of our favorite Nantucket festivals is held during May: the Nantucket Wine Festival. For 2015, the Nantucket Wine Festival will be held from May 13 to 17. You can find out more about our island festivals on the our Nantucket.net Festivals page.

Are shops/restaurants still open on Nantucket after the December 2014 stroll? Our friends are coming to visit and want to go to Nantucket for the day. Also, they are interested in a tour of the island. Are off season tours available? Thank you for your assistance in answering my questions.

Submited by Susan Hills from Falmouth, MA

Nantucket's downtown is decorated for the holidays, open, and welcoming visitors through New Year's Eve. The weekend after Christmas Stroll Weekend, December 13, is called HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS on Nantucket, so yes, many shops are still open here. You can see what's happening here any time of the year by going to our Calendar of Events.

Is there going to be ferry transportation from Hyannis to Nantucket for Daffodil Day 2015 (April 25th) If so, can you forward me the schedule? Regards,

Submited by Carolyn from Nashua, NH

Sorry, Nantucket Island does not open for business until May. JUST KIDDING! Ferries run to Nantucket all year-round (barring cancellations due to bad weather). You can see several ways to visit us here in our Transporation section. It is always best to go to the website of the ferry or airline you will use for travel to see their most up-to-date schedule. Daffodil Festival will be held for 2015 from April 24 to 26. It's a fun celebration of spring, with costumes, an antique car parade, a tailgate picnic, tours, concerts, and costumes. You can see more about Daffodil Festival here.

I was just wondering...the people who live on Nantucket, do they ever just stop to look around and take in the absolute beauty of where they live? It would be such an incredible blessing to be able to wake up every morning on your island and just sit outside and take it in...so much beauty right there to thank God for!!! You are all so blessed...I truly hope you know it!!!! God bless!!!!!

Submited by Pam Hall from Easley, SC

YES, we do!

We had such a wonderful time last year at Christmas Stroll that we are returing this year as well! I was wondering when a full list of events will be posted so we can plan what we will do again this year. The list was extremely helpful and we are very excited...my mother in law is extremely excited as well! Thank you!

Submited by Howard from New Jersey

We're glad you are returned for Christmas Stroll 2014, and we'll keep our fingers crossed that the weather is fair and seasonal! This Christmas Stroll website has been updated for this year's festivities, happening December 5, 6, and 7. You can also visit this Nantucket Calendar of Events to see what is happening on the island every day, year-round.

I'd like to dine at an establishment that has clambakes. I will be traveling to Nantucket in October of 2015. Are they a regular part of a restaurant's menu or a special request? Thanks.

Submited by Bob Beck from Naperville, Il

Clambakes are usually done on the beach, and there are several caterers here on Nantucket whom you can contact to arrange for a clambake. Some of the seafood markets on-island will sell you the ingredients for a clambake. If what you are seeking is a dinner of clams, a baked potato, and an ear of corn, there are a few eateries open during the summer season that serve something similar to a clambake: try The Lobster Trap or The Jetties. Please note: The Jetties usually closes around Labor Day and the The Lobster Trap soon after, so depending on when in October you are traveling to Nantucket, those restaurants could be closed for the season.

My family and I will be on island for Thanksgiving. Where can I find a list of restaurants that will be open on 'turkey' day?

Submited by Allison from Boston

We will list restaurants open for the holidays (Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, and New Year's Day) in our Dining Section of Nantucket.net. Many island restaurants have not yet finalized their plans, but we did a quick survey and can tell you that as of October 10, we have details on two.

The Brant Point Grill will be open Wednesday, Nov. 26 (for lunch) through Sunday, Nov. 30 (closing after breakfast). They will serve Thanksgiving Day Brunch from noon to 8 pm with turkey with dressing and gravy, tenderloin, ham, roasted leg of lamb, raw bar, vegetables, salads, and desserts. Their Kids' Corner will offer special treats and gifts.

The Nantucket Hotel will be offering a traditional Thanksgiving Buffet on Thursday, November 27 in our Grand Ballroom from 2 to 7 pm. The menu will include soups, raw bar, salads, a carving station with roast turkey and prime rib, classic sides, and desserts. There will be live piano music, as well as antique fire truck rides for our dining patrons.

Check our Dining Section of Nantucket.net in November for more restaurants.

i heard that there were no ferries to Nantucket in October. We are coming to MA 2nd week of October and would love to visit Nantucket. Is that going to be possible? Is there any transportation to it?

Submited by Lori from Texas

We were tempted to tell you that from Columbus Day until Daffodil Festival Nantucket is so exclusive that no one is permitted to arrive or depart. However, we must admit that there is transportation to and from Nantucket year-round. Except during extreme weather conditions, the traditional ferries run 3 times a day, the fast ferries run several times a day, and there are two airlines that fly between Nantucket and Hyannis MA multiple times every day. You can find out how to get here from there on these pages of Nantucket.net.

My husband and I are staying in Cape Cod the later part of October. After looking at your website, I am wondering if this is your off season and most things (tours, shops, dining, etc....) will be closed. Would love to visit but don't want to make a special trip over there if everything is closed. Would appreciate your help. Thanks.

Submited by Rhonda from Houston

Nantucket during the end of October is quieter than summertime here, but we don't roll up the sidewalks until after the Christmas holidays. Many (but not all) restaurants will still be open, though they will have restricted hours. Most shops will still be open, and they might even have sales! The Nantucket Whaling Museum is open every day from 10am to 5pm until October 31 (during November, this museum is only open weekends). And, of course, our many beaches are always open, but there will be no lifeguards, so if you want to swim, be careful!

My husband, and I, will be visiting Nantucket around October 19th and wondered if we need to purchase our ferry tickets in advance on-line? We will be coming from Hyannis. Also, will many of the restaurants and shops be open at this time of the year?

Submited by Larke Grove from Colorado Springs, CO

We always recommend purchasing your transportation tickets to the island in advance, whether it be for the ferry or for airplane. October is the shoulder season, but there are lots of weddings and, if the weather is nice, weekends can be busy. Plenty of restaurants and shops will still be open. Oct. 16-19 is the Nantucket Birding Festival.

Planning a visit Oct. 14 to 21. Are there any bike rentals open at that time?

Submited by Sandy from Pennsylvania

Yes, Young's Bicycle Shop and Nantucket Bike Shop will both be open on Broad Street, near where the ferries dock. If you fly in, you can try Easy Riders Bicycle Rentals.

We were in Nantucket at the end of August. When we were at Siasconset beach there was what appeared to be a "red tide" Was that in fact an algae bloom or just seaweed?

Submited by Lisa Williams from New Jersey

Probably an algae bloom. You can find out more in this article by Dr. Sarah Oktay, director of the UMass Nantucket Field Station.

My daughter is thinking about a wedding and reception on Nantucket next fall, 2015. Any helpful advice on where to start on finding a location for a tent near the beach would be greatly appreciated. Whom would I contact about locations that are possible? Thanks for any advice.

Submited by Janet Krueger from Minneapolis

You can find lots of information to help you plan a wedding on Nantucket at NantucketWeddings.com. You can even submit engagement announcements, wedding announcements, and enter our Share the Love contest!

I read that Nantucket has a chowder contest in October. I can't find any information about the 2014 contest. Will there be one this year?

Submited by Christa from Keene

Unfortunately the Chowder Contest has been cancelled indefinitely. The Nantucket Chamber of COmmerce says that it is very difficult to get restaurants to participate in the fall season because they do not have the help that they need for such an event.

I am looking to take my boys fishing on the island. Is there a good place to fish from shore. Perhaps and dock or a jetty?

Submited by Rick Lavallee from Boston

There is a fantastic place to fish from shore all around the island. :) If your guys are really little and you don't ant to have to worry about them getting hit by waves from the beach, you may want to do some pond fishing. Long Pond is especially good fishing. There is a dock at the north head of Long Pond, right off of Madaket Road, just past the Department of Public Works on your left. There is very limited parking available (maybe 2-3 spaces) but it's usually not full.

We would like to visit July 2015 and rent a cottage. When do bookings for next year become available

Submited by Jeannette from NY

You can book now for July 2015. Check our RENTAL PAGESfor listings.

I hear there are great skies in Nantucket for viewing the night sky, are there any observatories, or lectures that are available during the month of august related to this?

Submited by ted pastrenak from el paso tx

Yes! There is a world-renowned observatory right here on Nantucket: the Loines Observatory, operated by the Maria Mitchell Association has 2 domes. One houses a beautifully refurbished antique 8-inch Clark telescope and the other a new state-of-the-art 24-inch research telescope. It serves as both an active research observatory and venue for public astronomical programs. The organization also offers many programs designed to familiarize children and adults with island marine life, history, and nature, including walks, workshops, field trips, and classes.

We are coming for a long weekend but do not want to lug beach chairs. What beaches have beach chair rentals

Submited by Kathy from NJ

Jetties Beach rents beach chairs.

We are coming Aug 2-9. Is the Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Area a cool place to explore? Can we ride bikes to get there from town? Can you rent kayaks to go there? If kayaks are available for rent, what other "inland" waters can we paddle?

Submited by Kathleen McMonigle from Naples, FL

Yes, the Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Refuge is beautiful. The Trustees of Reservations, which takes care of this pristine area, offers guided tours by 4wd vehicle. You could bike there from downtown Nantucket, but it would be a very long bike ride! You cannot bike on the refuge. We do not think kayaks would be a practical option to reach the Refuge, but you can rent kayaks to paddle over to Coatue.

Planning a weekend trip to Nantucket in early September wondering if restaurants shops are open on Sundays as well or should visit Friday& Saturday instead?

Submited by Omar from Texas

In early September on Nantucket, you will find plenty of restaurants open and serving -- you should have no problem choosing a different eatery for every meal during your weekend! September is a beautiful time to visit Nantucket: the weather is often quite warm, and you can still enjoy the beaches, the museums, and many other aspects of our island.

What beaches allow parking, preferably within easy walking distance to the water?

Submited by Norm from Walpole, Ma

Jetties Beach has a lot of parking and, though the water is a distance, there is a walkway. Surfside Beach also has good parking, but the water is quite a walk in sand. Many island beaches that have parking lots are not an easy walk: the walk on sand to the water can include staircases, dunes, and sloping sand. This can be difficult for seniors and for handicapped. Sconset Beach has a very small parking lot, but the surf is a short walk on flat sand from lot. You can find more beach details on our Beach Pages, including Daily Surf Conditions.

My son who uses a wheelchair wants to visit this July and wants to tour, among other places, the brewery/distillery on Nantucket. Is there handicap accessible transportation to that area?

Submited by dawn from east falmouth

As far as getting out to the brewery, Nantucket has a fantastic public transit system, The Wave , which is widely used by tourists and residents every day during the summer. Every one of their clean, spacious, well-mantained buses is equipped to accommodate people who use wheelchairs. Buses can even be tracked in real time via their mobile app. To boot, fares are never more than $2 per ride.

The brewery tour is awesome. He'll have a great time. Let him know that he should call the brewery (508-325-5929) to make a reservation, and just mention to whoever picks up the phone that he uses a wheelchair. That way, they can make sure the warehouse/tour area isn't packed to the gills when he arrives. Jeff the brewer, who will be the tour guide, always caters his tours to the group he has that day. We have no doubt that good times will be had by all! By the way, here are the tour details: $20 per person, includes sampling of products and a tasting glass. The brewery is located at 5 Bartlett Farm Road, not far from Cisco Beach. There will probably be live music playing when he's there! Definitely a great place to hang out and enjoy the beautiful farmland scenery.

Also, here's some great news: Nantucket's Department of Public Works offers free beach wheelchair rentals for up to a week at a time! You just have to call the DPW (508-228-7244) to make arrangements to pick up the chair, as there is a limited supply. The chairs are available in adult and child sizes, and can go right into the water.

Hi, we will come to Nantucket this end of July for a week and were wondering how big the likelyhood of fog will be. Is there a fog season on Nantucket? Can fog occur anytime in the year? And how long will it normally last? Only in the mornings or - with bad luck - even for a couple of days? Thanks, Philip

Submited by Philip from Germany

Sounds like you've heard why Nantucket has been nicknamed the Grey Lady. If there is any "fog season" on Nantucket, it is July. The fog normally rolls in overnight and bids us adieu by noon time. However, nothing is set in stone. The island's weather is notoriously unpredictable. You may have fog every day or you may not even see it at all. But that's part of the adventure. If you can appreciate the fog as one of the island's quirks, then it really is quite beautiful.

I was wondering where the ferry from Hyannis drops you off. What is the exact location of the dock. I am heading to the Nantucket yacht club. My question is how far is it from the dock to the yacht club and are there cabs located at the dock for transportation.

Submited by Scott from Providence

Hi Scott, You are an an incredible amount of luck. The Nantucket Yacht Club is literally one block away from the Steamship Ferry dock. You can walk in a jiffy.

Nantucket is all my wife talks about regarding our next vacation. Do you have any suggestions for a first time visitor that will be staying 5 days? How long in advance should we schedule? Thank You.

Submited by William Cody from Dallas, Texas

You should schedule your hotel or inn as soon as possible. Some reach capacity as early as springtime. As far as activities, most can be done on the spur of the moment. Guided van tours of the island with Gail's Tours, boat excursions on the Shearwater, visits to lighthouses or cranberry bogs. All can be done at your leisure. If you want to do any fishing trips or boat rentals, those should be booked in advance. You should also book any fine dining meals as far in advance as possible. Sounds like you and your wife are going to have a great time! For complete event listings while you are here, be sure to pick up a free copy of Yesterday's Island/Today's Nantucket when you arrive!

I lived and worked in Nantucket as a college student and now my 2 college-aged daughters and a friend are interested. They have leads on jobs but I am concerned about finding housing; do you have ideas of where college students can live that is (somewhat) reasonable? Thank you -

Submited by terry walton from Jacksonville fl

We have received many requests like this one from people wanting help finding seasonal housing on Nantucket. The housing market for workers on the island is very tight, and this season it is more difficult than ever to secure a place to live that is reasonably priced. We have very few suggestions, which are:

Look for a job that includes housing. Some families on the island hire seasonal live-in nannies, and sometime the hours of that job permit the nanny to obtain an evening job.

Consider sharing a house rental with others. You might not be able to find your own place, but a 4-bedroom house (if you can find one), shared with 4 or more people, might be affordable.

We have a classified ad section that is updated several times a day where you can look for rentals -- we suggest you look there frequently.

Hi There, my husband are I are visiting friends in Boston in May and would love to stay on Nantucket for a week. Can you tell me if there any boutique hotels and if there is a bus network on the island to get around on? Thanks!

Submited by Fi from Melbourne Australia

Hi Fionae: Yes, there are several boutique hotels on Nantucket, as well as a couple of hotels, and a number of b&bs. Look here to find accommodation that will please you.

There is a bus system that runs seasonally on Nantucket; some routes start operating on May 19, with additional routes added as the season progresses.

Is April 12th too early in the season to go visit Nantucket?

Submited by Sne Patel from Andover, MA

That depends on why you are visiting our island. If you want some quiet time and you like long walks, empty beaches, and a small town feel, then mid-April is perfect. If you are hoping for more action, then wait a few weeks.

We'll be staying with friends in their vacation home in Nantucket over the summer(probably mid July). Our friends are our age and have no children and our almost 17-year-old son is keen to know how he can meet kids his own age while we're there. He's very sporty and makes friends easily - he just needs the opportunity to meet people but we don't know where. Any suggestions? Many thanks.

Submited by Marjie Thorne from Near London, UK

During the summertime, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 5 p.m., some teens play informal Ultimate Frisbee on the field that lies between the high and middle schools. Since it is informal, the games may not exactly happen every single M,W, and F, but it is worth a try for him to just see if they are out there. It is an open and welcoming group of people aged high school through mid-twenties.

Island beaches are always a great places to meet people. Here is a handy guide to Nantucket's beaches. Young people tend to hang out at the south shore beaches like Nobadeer and Cisco.

Karaoke Night at the Rose & Crown is always fun. There might be some other kids doing the same thing. For dates and times, check our events calendar closer to the time of your visit.

Hi, I have been visiting Nantucket my whole life and it truly is my most favorite place in the world. We are getting a puppy in a couple of weeks and we want to name her after the island. At this point, the only fitting names we have come up with are Easy & Madaket. Can you suggest any others? Thanks, Sherriden

Submited by Sherriden from Andover, MA

We had a lot of fun with this Ask Nantucket question. Thank you, Sherriden, for involving us! We asked our staff, our family, our Facebook friends and our Twitter followers for names for your puppy, and the most popular suggestions are: Tucker, Tucket, Tuckey -- Millie (for Madaket Millie), Maddie (for Madaket) -- Miacomet or Comet -- Winnie (for Wauwinet) -- Lady (for Grey Lady) -- and Dionis. Some more that we like are: Quaisy, Noby (for Nobadeer), Misty (but not Foggy), Tup (for Tupancy), and Poco (for Pocomo). One person suggested "Far Away," but we think that could be confusing when you call her: "Here, Far Away."

A few people offered some warnings: "There are a lot of Jettys and Macys and Tuckers: call those names at the beach and a half dozen dogs come running." and "Before having any of these names stamped on your puppy's new leather collar at Craftmasters, please double check that the spelling is correct." And one helpful history buff refers you to this web page, which may or may not help with spelling.

Please do let us know what name you choose for your puppy!

Are any of your beaches dog-friendly? Please also comment on whether they are restricted during certain times of the year or certain times of the day.

Submited by Christine from Wilton, CT

UPDATED: Most of Nantucket is dog-friendly, but dogs are not permitted on beaches where lifeguards or endangered species habitat are present. This includes Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Refuge and, during the summer season: Dionis, Surfside, Jetties and a few others. Dogs must be leashed on all beaches at all times, and owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets. If you do bring your dog to an island beach, please remember that there is a significant fine for disturbing nests of Piping Plovers. Also: please respect that many beaches on Nantucket are privately owned, some of those owners do not mind respectful public use, others do. You might want to consider a walk at Sanford Farms with your dog. You'll find details here on use of Nantucket beaches.

We are planning to vacation in the upper States Nantucket is on our list. For June . I have 2 small kids I have one that has autism sometimes his sensory just goes off for no reason then he screams really loud. Is their a motel that will accept him .. The reason I ask with his handicapped i have got kicked out a lot of places. If people were educated on kids with austim. It would be so much better for the parents instead of being ask to leave . Especially when its a vacation you are wanting to get rid of the stress and enjoy yourself.

Submited by Linda Wilson from Moriarty NM

We turned this question over to Kim Horyn, Director of the Nantucket Autism Speaks Resource Center: Dear Linda,

I do not know of a "special" motel on Nantucket; however, I would call a motel and alert them of your child's diagnosis and see if they can put your family in a room that is not so close to others. Your time of travel may very well have an impact on that, as July and August are our peak months for tourism. Please feel free to give the motel my contact information (below) and encourage them to call me with any questions. Also, our Nantucket Autism Speaks Resource Center has many year-round activities, and we welcome your family to join in. Some are for the children only (we welcome siblings) to give parents a break, and many are for the entire family. You can learn more by staying in touch with me at khoryn@autismspeaks.org, 646.341.3043, and/or please visit our website. I hope this is helpful information. Very best, Kim Horyn

Is Nantucket sinking? My Class is doing a state report and my student needs to know if Nantucket is sinking. Google is not helping.

Submited by Vienna from Usa

Hello Vienna:

The short answer is: No, Nantucket is not sinking.

For the longer answer, we turned to Dr. Sarah Oktay, Managing Director of the UMass Boston Nantucket Field Station:

The Cape and the Islands were formed during the last glaciation in the area when one of the lobs of the Laurentide Ice Sheet pushed down this far during the recent Wisconsin Glaciation. In fact, the ice sheet moved back and forth a few times, but essentially it stopped right along the area on Nantucket where we have a few hills on the northern side. The southern side is mainly outwash plain, or bits of sediment that melted out and stayed there as the ice retreated north as the earth warmed up. The islands became islands as the sea level rose around 5000-6000 years ago. The wind and waves started moving the sand around, redistributing it in storms and depositing it just like a pile of sand in a bucket with some water would do if it were swirled around.

Parts of new England's shoreline are sinking due to a phenomenon known as subsidence. Scientists have determined that the area around Boston (which contains lots of fill) may settle as much as 6 inches in 100 years; which is quite a bit. I don't believe Nantucket is sinking at near that rate, just because of where we are located on the shelf and how we were deposited.

Nantucket is not very high; with the highest points just 104-109 or so feet about sea level. And that is where the concern would be, because sea level is rising, all over the globe and in the New England area at a rate of about 10 cm in the last year and almost a foot over the last 100 years. But these numbers change a lot. One paper showed that the new England area as accelerated sea level rise over the last 500 years from 1 mm per year to 2.5 mm/year (in 1990) to more than that now. It is a bit harder to measure than you would think.

The fact that our sand moves around helps us some; the island is more nimble and able to adapt to change. But most likely within 400-2000 years, much of the island will be flooded and only a few high points and higher elevations will still be sticking up out of the ocean.

I love visiting from June through October but was considering a visit during Spring break in March from the 17th to the 25th or so. What restaurants are open then?

Submited by Judy from New York

June through early October, all island restaurants are open. Mid-March, you can enjoy meals at Town, Queequeg's, AK Diamonds, Centre Street Bistro, Rose & Crown, Pazzo, Lola 41, Kitty Murtagh's, Fifty-Six Union, Crosswinds, Faregrounds, Sophie T's, foood for here & there, or Breeze Bar & Cafe.

Hello guys! From what I read, Nantucket is pretty quiet in February and March. How is it in the beginning of April? We are going to be there April 6th - 11th, and we were wondering if many shops/museums/etc... are still closed? We are looking forward to visiting in a month, can't wait to be there!

Submited by Fred and Ingrid from Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Hi Fred and Ingrid: Nantucket is quiet in early April, but during the the week you will be here there is live music at several island venues, lectures & talks, and the Whaling Museum is open that Sunday. More events are sure to be scheduled: check our Calendar of Events again before you arrive.

Shops will be open, as will several very good island restaurants in early April. Try Dune, Fifty-Six Union, Centre Street Bistro, Pazzo, and Lola for fine dining and AK Diamonds, Rose & Crown, Queequeg's and Faregrounds for Casual Dining. And, of course, you get to walk our pristine beaches and stroll through town and see it in all its small-town glory.

Thinking of planning a girls getaway weekend trip this April 25-27th, wondering if this is during the off season? If so, what activities will be open?

Submited by Melissa from CT

April 25, 26, and 27 is DAFFODIL FESTIVAL WEEKEND, our colorful celebration of springtime -- so it is a fun time to visit our island! Festival events include an Antique Car Parade, a Children's Parade, a Hat Parade, and a Daffodil Tailgate Picnic. Many shops and restaurants are open for the weekend, and more events will be scheduled as the weekend approaches.

We do have some recommendations for you:

RESERVE NOW. Daffy Fest is a popular weekend on the island, and in-town inns may fill early.

DRESS APPROPRIATELY. Wear layers, make sure your colors are yellow and green, and don't forget the daffys! Weather here in April is unpredictable, so you might want to wear shorts or find you need a heavy sweater. You'll want to join in the fun, so get together with your girlfriends and dress for the parade. You can see some photos of last year's festival here.

PLAN TO PICNIC. The tailgate picnic in Siasconset, where the antique car parade ends, is a highlight of the weekend. Picnics can be simple or sophisticated, so fill a basket with goodies and be sure to bring a blanket.

IT'S ALL ABOUT THE BLOOMS. Don't miss the 40th Annual Daffodil Flower Show on Saturday & Sunday at Bartlett's Farm. The Daffodil Show is open free of charge, though donations are accepted for the island's Daffodil Planting Fund. There is a free shuttle bus from Washington Street on Saturday only from 2-5 pm. You can find more details are at the Nantucket Garden Club website.

My Company is thinking of holding a Team building meeting in Nantucket in June. What would be some things we could do? Thanks.

Submited by Kathy Spiritoso from New Jersey

Hi Kathy, What a fabulous idea! Nantucket is full of opportunities for bonding and team building experiences. You could always rent boats and see how you all fare together out on the water. (We hope none of your bosses experience mutiny at sea.) There are some awesome museums and sites to explore. We love the Shipwreck & Lifesaving Museum, and admission is only six bucks! The stories of lifesaving measures taken for those lost at sea are great examples of taking risks for the benefit of others. Be sure to see the one of the island's three lighthouses, too. A trip to Great Point Light requires the use of a 4x4 vehicle, which cost about $140 per day to rent. But getting all the way out there to the lighthouse feels like such an accomplishment, it could be just what you are looking for. And if you're lucky, your team will get stuck in the sand and you'll get a chance to see what your coworkers are really made of. :) If you'd like to get out to Great Point but would rather let somebody experienced take the wheel, then book an over-sand tour with the Trustees of Reservations.

For an endeavor for the less plucky, you could stargaze one night with the professional astronomers at the Maria Mitchell Association or take a bike tour of the island with Nantucket Bike Tours or sail around the harbor on The Endeavor. There is so much to do! Enjoy!

I would like to rent a house for the weekend of May 24, 25, 26 . Who should I contact ?

Submited by Michael Long from Marblehea, MA

Our Real Estate Page has a number of options for you to explore and contact -- most of the agencies handle both sales and rentals.

Are you doing the Nantucket Directory poetry collection again this year?

Submited by Bob from St. Louis

Yes, Bob. The contest is again being held. The deadline to enter your poems is MARCH 10, 2014. You may submit up to three unpublished poems written in English that are about any aspect of Nantucket Island or life on Nantucket. Poems must be submitted with a signed entry form listing the author's name, address, email address, and phone number. Names should not be on the poems themselves (but remember to title the poems and to write the titles on the entry form). Submissions will not be returned. No entry fee is required. You'll find the rules and submission form here.

My husband and I will be in Boston on October 14 for a family event, before or after which I would like him to see Nantucket. I was there with a friend many years ago in either late September or October. Many restaurants, shops and galleries were closed. I did notice in your comments that the public transportation stops October 14, so it looks like visiting before our event would be best. Will we find that many businesses are closed?

Submited by Melanie from California

Hi Melanie: Most (but not all) island shops and restaurants remain open through Columbus Day weekend, which in 2014 is October 11-13. Nantucket is beautiful in October: the weather is often warm and sunny, and you might even be able to visit the cranberry bogs to see the harvest. Check our Calendar of Events as the year progresses for goings-on in October.

Hi. Great site! A quick question. I will have my small rv there this summer and was wondering if there was a place to get rid of wastewater? I tried calling some of the yacht clubs that have a pump for the boats but the pumps are typically located on the docks so you can't drive to them. Thanks in advance for any insight.

Submited by Tim from Cape Cod

RV camping is not permitted on Nantucket. The only way around this rule is if you have a friend who owns private property and permits you to set it up on their land. But even then, there is nowhere to dump your black or grey water.

We are making a visit to Nantucket on Sunday in March. What would we do for the day? Do you have suggestions for dining and shopping for a first timer?

Submited by Joyce from NJ

Since you do not tell us which Sunday in March you are visiting, we cannot make suggestions that involve events. You can check our Calendar of Events once you pin down a date.

Depending on the weather, there are a number of outdoor activities you can do: walks along the beach, explore the Sanford Farms property (popular for walking dogs), and walk along the bluff in Sconset. Saturdays and Sundays in March, the Nantucket Whaling Museum is open to visitors.

Many island shops are closed during March, but there will be some apparel and gift shops open, as well as an antique shop or two. Although not all the island restaurants are open that time of year, you will have a choice of high end eateries and pubs available to you.

I was wondering if Nantucket has campgrounds?

Submited by Katrina from Pottstown, PA

No, Katrina, camping is not permitted on Nantucket Island: there are no commercial campgrounds here.

I was wondering if most of the restaurants and shops would be open during the month of February? My parents had asked me where I would like to go for a graduation present and Nantucket Island has always been a place I'd like to visit? Also, what are the average prices for lodging?

Submited by Garrett from SC

Hello Garrett: February on Nantucket is a "quiet season" month, so while many of the shops and restaurants are closed, our year-round favorites are open, including Fifty-Six Union, A.K. Diamonds, Crosswinds, Centre Street Bistro, Sophie T's, Dune, and a few others.

Some of the inns on-island offer specials during February. If you peruse this list you should be able to find comfortable accommodations.

What is the community like on the off-season? How does it show ingenuity and exoticism? Explain how you get the island feel but are also connected the mainland.

Submited by Kate Mooris from Maine

Year-rounders are a hardy lot, many of whom work outdoors in the harsh winds of winter. (The off-season is prime construction time!) We are a very tightly-knit community. When one of us needs help, the others will rally around and offer incredible amounts of support. The Nantucket community will pick you up when you are down, but you have to treat it well. People are nonjudgmental and really welcome you in regardless of who you are. All you need to be is kind. It's not unheard of for a person to get unofficially "kicked off the island" if they've done someone terribly wrong.

We don't know about "exoticism," but there is plenty of ingenuity. There has to be. We don't have access to many of the resources that are readily available on the mainland. Building a house? There is a finite amount of local materials, and shipping from off-island is exorbitantly expensive. It's not uncommon to see a house moving slowly down the street. No, it's not possessed; it's on wheels! The owner has received a permit to move from the town; and we community members have all been warned to take a different road if possible during the moving time frame.

There's a certain loneliness to living here all year long. It's probably harder for islanders whose families do not live on Nantucket. We can Skype with our mainland loved ones whenever we want, but of course it's not the same as being near them. Still, if your heart is open, the island community steps in and becomes a kind of family. You know a lot of the faces you see around town. There are only a few thousand of us here, anyway. If you're a teenager who gets caught doing some shenanigans, chances are the person who catches you knows your mom. But as much as we do look after one another, some people will tell you that seeing the same faces all winter long can grow tiresome. We've have a nickname for March: "Hate Month." That is to say, you're so sick of being surrounded by the same small group of people that you hate them by the end of the winter. Not all of us feel that way, though. Some people are just more prone than others to cabin fever. Those are the people who feel compelled to leave the island frequently and get over to the mainland, even if it's only to Cape Cod. But most of us are perfectly content to ride out the winter in the warmth of our gray-shingled Nantucket houses, enjoying one another's friendship and the beauty of the island without the stresses of the summer season.

Come on out during the winter if you ever get the chance. Sit down at a bar and enjoy the friendly faces next to you. Everybody has a story to share.

How many fresh water and salt water ponds are on Nantucket Island?

Submited by Carolyn from Plymouth

There are many tiny ponds–some of them transient–all over the island, so we cannot provide an exact number of either type of pond. However, you can get a good idea of the amount of ponds by looking at this interactive map of the island. Note that ponds near the shore are brackish, while the ones further inland are freshwater.

I love Nantucket in season but would like to come visit in the off season. Are restaurants, shops and museums open in Feb and March? What about transportation on the island?

Submited by Mark from Providence, RI

Some say that February and March are the doldrums of winter on Nantucket. We say bring 'em on. You'll definitely find a handful of restaurants still open, taxis still running, and inns still offering lodging. When we say handful, though, we do mean handful. But if you're in for some serious small town adventure, Nantucket in the off season will be right up your alley.

Here are a few of the very best that are open during the off-season open during the off-season , all of which offer special off-season rates. If you're looking for a quaint, "Nantucket-y" B&B right in town, stay at the Seven Sea Street Inn. They're a short walk from the boat. Call and talk to Matt. They will take great, personalized care of you. If you want a big hotel experience, you will enjoy The Nantucket Hotel & Resort. They are located just a hop, skip and a jump from Seven Sea Street, so location shouldn't be a deciding factor between these two places. For a real historical stay, check out the Jared Coffin House. It is at the corner of Centre and Broad Streets, which means it's right in the heart of downtown.

AK Diamond's is a fun local restaurant and bar. It's near the airport, so you'll need to call a cab (we like Roger: 508-228-5779) or rent a car. Centre Street Bistro is another our favorite places to eat on Nantucket. It's fresh, creative, and delicious. It's BYOB so the price tag doesn't climb too high, either. They're located right on Centre Street, so any of the aforementioned accommodations will put you very close to Centre Street Bistro. Call and make sure they're open before you go, though. (As we mentioned, Nantucket in February-March is very small town-y.)

You can walk out to the Brant Point Lighthouse and Sankaty Light in Sconset, too. Museums are going to be closed, but the island holds a beauty that is unique to the winter season. We think you'd do well to rent a car and ride around just taking in the spirit and the photograph-able moments you'll find in the largely emptied island.

If you think this sounds like an adventure, then Nantucket in the off-season is definitely something you need to experience! Come on out. Chances are you'll end up sitting next to one of our staff members at a bar.

My family loves Nantucket on the off season, and plan to spend Thanksgiving there this year 2013. The catch is we will be at a hotel and unable to cook for Thanksgiving dinner. What restaurants are open on Thanksgiving Day this year?

Submited by Dale from NH

You came to just the right place! Our Holiday Dining Guide will give you all the information you need about Nantucket's dining situation over Thanksgiving, and also over the remainder of the year-end holidays!

I am contemplating coming to Nantucket on December 13th. I am wondering if the shops will still be open. We cannot make it for the stroll. :(

Submited by Sheree from Florida

Sheree, you chose a great weekend to visit Nantucket! Saturday, December 14, is "Home for the Holidays" on Nantucket. This day, organized by the Nantucket Island Chamber of Commerce, features more than 70 participating merchants serving refreshments and handing out 2 red tickets (for the Christmas Eve Red Ticket Drawing) for every $25 spent. Events that day include: December Delight Craft & Gift Market at Nantucket High School, wine tasting at Epernay Wine & Spirits, visits by Santa, Victorian Carolers strolling through town, a walking tour of island inns, "Blue Christmas" jazz band concert, and stargazing with snacks and cider at the Maria Mitchell Loines Observatory. See our Calendar of Events for more events posted every week.

My wife and I are looking at visiting Nantucket for the first time in the first or second week of January. I have already done some research on accommodations, but I was looking for some more information on just how "quiet" the quiet season is. My wife and I are in our late twenties and are looking for a relaxing couple of days. We are definitely a laid back couple that enjoys quiet time, but we do enjoy walking around new places and taking in sights as well as visiting shops and restaurants. I was sad to read that the whaling museum is closed in January, so that got me concerned as to just how closed down the majority of the island really will be. Will there be a fair amount of shops and restaurants that remain open year round that will keep us busy for a few days, or will we find ourselves searching around for something to do? Thanks in advance!

Submited by Adam from Alabama

January on Nantucket is a great time to visit for peace and quiet, but you should be aware that many of the shops will be closed. At least 4 restaurants will be open -- the eateries that are open year-round -- however, even some of those may be closed immediately after New Year's. Museums are closed during January. The movie theatres are open, and the Atheneum (library) often hosts some events, but their January schedule has not yet been made public.

Does the shuttle bus run to the beaches at this time of year.

Submited by Susan Leavitt from Ashford, CT

The NRTA Beach Bus stops running in September; their other routes continue to mid-October.

we are considering spending Thanksgiving on Nantucket. Are the shops and restaurants still open? Are there any special Thanksgiving traditions or celebrations on the island? Thanks!

Submited by katie from MA

Hi Katie, Thanksgiving on Nantucket is a wonderful idea! Joe Biden and his family have done it for several decades and counting! Some shops and restaurants are still open and some have closed for the season. FYI: the Biden family's dinner locale of choice, Faregrounds Restaurant , is a casual joint that stays open all year. You can enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving feast without having to do a lick of work preparing it! On Thanksgiving Day, the Brant Point Grill will be serving up their stellar food from noon until 8pm. Reservations are required, so give them a call at 508-325-1320. The meal costs $75 for adults, $25 for kids ages 6-12, $10 fr kids ages 4-5, and children 3 and under are free. The Brant Point Grill is located within the White Elephant Hotel at 30 Easton Street.

As far as Thanksgiving traditions go, there's the Cold Turkey Plunge, which benefits the island's children's library. We even know some of the crazy people who have plunged into the icy cold waters of the Nantucket Harbor on Thanksgiving morning! If you're into cool antiques, maritime collectibles, vintage jewelry, or if you just want to experience the fun of a live auction featuring Nantucket memorabilia, then check out the Annual Rafael Osona Thanksgiving Auction, which takes place from 9am-4pm on November 30. The magic happens at the American Legion Hall at 21 Washington Street, which is just a short stroll from Main Street.

Would you have a list of places that may have availability for 5 people to visit from Dec. 5 to Dec. 8, 2013? We so wanted to be there for the Christmas Stroll.

Submited by Debbie from Wilmington, DE

Hi Debbie: Fill out our Lodging Inquiry Form.

I have a Nantucket Baske/Purse with the name Curtis Key Jr on the bottom inside. Where can I get Infor about him and the basket./purse?

Submited by Joan Hale from Ipswich, Ma

Try contacting the Nantucket Lightship Basket Museum or the Nantucket Historical Association. If you are interested in selling the lightship basket purse, you could try contacting island auctioneer Rafael Osona

where on the island can I purchase art supplies? Thanks for your help.

Submited by gail from 16 chuck hollow rd. island

Art supplies are sold at Marine Home Center at 134 Orange Street.

Hi! I would love to give my parents a gift card to stay at a place in Nantucket (a place they have been dying to get back to for years!) as a gift for my wedding. I know taking the car over is expensive. So if they just take the ferry over, is there transportation that is accessbile outside the ferry? (I.e. taxis, shuttles from a B&B). Also, which B&B's are best to stay at that are close to most places/attractions in the event they can't rent a car and walking in the only option. Thank you SO MUCH!!!!

Submited by Kerry from Philadelphia

Hi Kerry, How very sweet of you! There are a handful of quaint and luxurious B&Bs right in Town, which will allow your parents to walk wherever they need to go. Take a look at our Lodging map and put a check mark in the "Inns" box to find what suits your fancy. The Town area is full of restaurants and cafes, lovely little gift shops and book stores, fine jewelry shops, and and art galleries If your folks decide they'd like to see other parts of the island, there are plenty of cabs waiting for their call and will take them wherever they want to go. We recommend both Roger's Taxi, 508-228-5779 and Shoreline Taxi 508-325-4646.

Hi, I'm planning to visit Nantucket via Boston in early November. And I have two questions. 1) Is it easy to find a taxi at Nantucket Memorial Airport / in town? 2) Do the stores remain open in November? (I would love to buy sth really nice for my mother's birthday present!) I'm thinking to surprise her with one of the traditional baskets, ornaments, or sth reminds her of the island. Thank you very much for everything!

Submited by Yukiko from Tokyo

Hello Yukiko: Yes, there are always taxis at the airport ready to take travelers anywhere on Nantucket they'd like to go. You might need to call a taxi from town, so ask for the card of the driver who picks you up at the airport.

Yes, many stores are open during November, BUT they will have shorter hours and some will be closed for the season. You should be able to find something nice for your mother. We suggest a piece of authentic scrimshaw crafted by Michael Vienneau at his shop on Centre Street.

We are visiting the island on October 29th-31st. We have a car in Boston but I was hoping we could get around the island on public transporation. Will this be possible? I have looked into car rental and for that cost we could ferry the car over but it seems kind of like a hassle. Any direction you can provide would be greatly appreciated!! BTW I love this column. It has answered MANY of my questions.

Submited by Brenda from Kansas City, MO

Hi Brenda, Thanks for the positive feedback! We work hard to be the very best source of Nantucket information! All public transportation ceases on October 14 and doesn't pick back up again until Spring, so you are looking at a car rental situation. If you're only coming for three days, then renting a car on the island is going to be much more cost efficient and far less stressful than ferrying yours over. Check out our Car Rentals page Car Rentals page for a couple of our favorite spots. Several -- if not all -- of them consider late October to be the "off-season" so their rates are lower than usual.

Will there be a list of restaurants that will be open for Thanksgiving this year? Is there a new grocery store where the Grand Union used to be? Thanks for your help!!

Submited by Miriam from Manchester, MA

Hello Miriam: The Harbor Stop-n-Shop is in the building where Grand Union was, in a newly refurbished location! As far as restaurants open for Thanksgiving dinner, we hope to have a listing on our Dining Page.

Hi,Visiting from 12/6-12/10.Do we need or car and if so,how is it transported and parked in town?If not,what times do the ferries come and go,from where?and what might the fees be with and without the car.And where might we get a flight if we were to decide to fly.Its all so new to us,never having been to Nantucket.Four of us will be coming and would appreciate your help.For example,how cold is it and what might the weather be?

Submited by Monroe Gottsegen from Brooklyn NY 11217

You do need a car, but you do not want to take it here. Even beyond the fact that ferrying your car over to the island costs several hundred dollars, the roads here aren't the best for your vehicle. We highly recommend that you rent a car. Visit our On-Island Transportation page section for Car Rentals, where you'll see four of our favorites. We also have some favorite airlines, which you can see on our Transportation By Air page. Regarding the weather on Nantucket, it is highly variable. It could very well end up being sunny when you are here, but it will still be chilly, even during the day. You will certainly need coats every day, and go ahead and bring hats and gloves just in case you need those too. It can get very cold at night, so those hats and gloves will come in handy when you're leaving the restaurants where you've just enjoyed dinner.

Planning on visiting the island in october this year for a special occasion. Thinking about chartering a boat for the family one day. Something nice, get view of the island from the sea, maybe some snacks and wine. Do you know of any resources where we could find something like this?

Submited by James from California

Hi James, You are in great luck! Our page for Boating, Fishing & Water Sports has several charter boats that will provide that exact experience for you and your family. We highly recommend Endeavor and Shearwater .

Will shops be open Mondays in October? We will Be there the 7th, not the 8th. Thank you!!!!!!!

Submited by Lesley from Mobile, AL

Some of them, yes.

Hi! We are excited to honeymoon on Nantucket in a friends cottage in Sconset from October 14-20. Amy tips on what to do? We love food, wine, hiking with our dog (Who will be with us!), history and one of us likes golf while the other likes yoga. We also love live music of all types. We would love any tips. Thank you, and see you soon!

Submited by Emily from Somerville

First of all, congratulations on your marriage! We wish you lifelong happiness and many return journeys to Nantucket to remember all the fun you had on your honeymoon.

Nantucket Cycling + Fitness has a Sunday morning yoga class, though you may not be able to take advantage of it with your schedule. Nantucket Health Club also offers yoga classes on Wednesday evenings. So since they are on the exact same road - two minutes from one another - you should simply choose a class based on your schedule.

You and your dog will love all of Nantucket's fun trails available for people and the dogs who own them! Some of our favorites are Tupancy Links and Sanford Farm. Warning: After each walk, be sure to check your dog for tiny, Lyme disease-carrying deer ticks, which are abundant on Nantucket throughout the entire year. Deer ticks can be VERY VERY small, so a thorough check is absolutely necessary. We are constantly pulling them off of our cats and dogs after they have spent time outside. Sorry to be kind of a downer, but it would be much more of a downer to get Lymes on your honeymoon.

A very fun way to spend time with your dog outside of Tickville, MA is to take her with you to Cisco Brewery . She and her friends are just as welcome as you and your spouse (with the stipulation, "Get long, little doggies!"). You're even accomplishing that whole two (or three) birds, one stone thing by going out to the brewery: they have wine, which is made right here on Nantucket. There is often live music, but check the schedule on their website to be sure. 4 E Z Payments is the ideal band for die-hard lovers of bluegrass as well as those who decide they love bluegrass after a couple of drinks. The downtown scene is fun, too: The Rose & Crown does live music several nights a week.

For more options, check out our Dining pages and our Calendar of Events.

Hi, we're a couple traveling with our 2 and 1/2 yr old son throughout eastern Canada and New England + the great lakes. Our 3.5 thousand miles trip (4 months) will takes us through the Boston Metro area, and Nantucket is definitely on our list ! We're traveling in a 15ft van in which we can sleep in, and we're wondering if there are nice places or specialized sites where we could park and spend the night ? and obvioulsy : Would it be possible to take the ferry with our van ? Thank you for your response, and for the time you spend answering all visitor's questions !

Submited by Damien C. from Arles, Provence - France

There are no designated places where you can park and sleep in a van or camper. According to a Nantucket bylaw, camping is prohibited on Nantucket, whether sleeping out on the beach, or in a vehicle of any kind. We spoke with the Nantucket Police Department, who told us that fines are issued to those found sleeping overnight in a vehicle. There are some wonderful and affordable places to stay on our Lodging Specials page. Also, there is a youth hostel on the island. Check and see if they might put you up for cheap!

My partner and I are considering renting a house in Nantucket the first week of November. Are there houses/cottages available for renting? Are restaurants still open?

Submited by TJM from Manhattan

Closed-toed boots can be just as much fun as sandals; fall on Nantucket may get cool in the evenings, but it sure is lovely. There are plenty of restaurants that remain open all the way through December, such as Fifty-Six Union , Dune, and The Rose & Crown. You'll find even more restaurants listed on our Dining pages.

The Nantucket Historical Association's Whaling Museum is open on Saturdays and Sundays in early November. And you can always take a spin with Nantucket Bike Tours. If you're really adventurous, you can even go out and do some old fashioned Nantucket shellfishin'. All the permitting info you need can be found at the bottom of our Fishing page. Most importantly, stay up to date with events going on through our frequently updated calendar of events.

By November, many rental houses and cottages have been re-inhabited by their winter residents; however, you should be able to find exactly what you're looking for by using our Lodging Request Form. Also check out our page for Lodging Specials, where you'll find some amazingly priced places to stay since November is considered off-season.

I coach a basketball team and we are going to be going to marthas vineyard early december what resturants and hotels are open at that time?

Submited by Cliff LaSalle from Western ma

Hi Cliff: You'll have to check with the Vineyard -- we are Nantucket, the next island over! Squash those Grapes!

I am staying in Edgartown in sept. I would like to take a day trip to Nantucket by ferry and im hoping not to have to take my car. Is everything within walking distance

Submited by Janet Pod from New Jersey

If you are just visiting for the day, then you should be fine without a vehicle. You will be able to walk to museums, restaurants, beaches, art galleries, shops, and the wharves.

Can you please explain parking in town if we were to rent a car. Specifically overnight parking if staying at a B&B without a parking lot.

Submited by Mary Beth from New Jersey

Overnight in-town parking is on the street. You may not need to rent a car when visiting Nantucket. The island is only approx. 7 miles by 14 miles, and in-season there is a bus system and taxis that can take you to the outlying areas such as 'Sconset.

we are looking for a repairman to fix our roof-top weather station. ie. temp., & wind speed, thank you.

Submited by gail huntley from tom nevers

Try posting a help-wanted ad in the Nantucket.net classifieds.

How wheelchair friendly is Nantucket? Hopefully, my friends and I will be staying in town next September. Is the town suitable for a wheelchair? Can they be rented in town?

Submited by Judy Barnett from Bloomington, Indiana

Town's cobblestone streets and brick sidewalks certainly don't make it easy for a person in a wheelchair to navigate. However, it can be done, especially if the person has some help from a walking friend. Wheelchairs can be rented from Our Island Home, located at 9 E Creek Road. Their number is 508-228-0462.

how far is it from the ferry landing to the high school? How far from the ferry landing to the main shooping center? How hard is it to get taxi service on the island? we are coming over for the Mashpee and Nantucket game. thank you

Submited by susan from centerville

There is shopping all over the island, but downtown is the most concentrated area of shops and stores. There are several ferry docks, all of which are downtown. Cabs can be found lined up and waiting at the bottom of Main Street.

I'm going to be in Cape Cod November 1-3, 2013. Wanted to know if I did a day trip to Nantucket, are most shops and restaurants open then? Do I need a car to get around? What will weather be like? Thank you for any comments.

Submited by Candice Miller from Palm Desert, CA

Hi Candice -- The first weekend in November can be very quiet on Nantucket, so you will find a number of shops and some restaurants closed for the season. There is still enough open to enjoy the island. No, you do not need a car for a day trip. The weather is unpredictable: sometimes November temperatures are in the 60s; sometimes in the 40s, but we rarely get snow in November.

My husband and I will visit in mid-Sept. I am a direct descendent of Thomas Macy, and I am interested in how to best find out more about him, and his decedents, where they lived, their professions etc. Are their any stories about he family etc. Thank you so much, we are excited to visit Nantucket!

Submited by Mary Dean from Marietta, GA

You will find a lot of information at the Nantucket Historical Association Research Library located at 7 Fair Street.

My husband and I are considering visiting Nantucket for our anniversary in October. We'd love to participate in the chowder festival. I've checked online and don't see the date listed. Would you be able to help? Thank you!

Submited by Carolyn Finn from Ossining, NY

Hello Carolyn: The Nantucket Chowder Contest is not being held this year.

Is Murray's Outlet Store still open and if yes, what street is it on? Thank you.

Submited by Karen Stone from CT

Yes, Murray's Outlet Warehouse is on New Street, and it's a great place for discount finds for men, women, and children.

Several couples are spending the night of September 21st on Nantucket to celebrate some birthdays. We were wondering if there were any restaurants that had live music or if there were bars that had music and or dancing.Thanks for your help!

Submited by Charlene from Massachusetts

Hi Charlene, Friday nights at Pazzo will be your one-stop shopping location for dinner, bar, music, dancing. Out at Cisco Brewery, the braver and more eager imbibers might get up and dance, depending on who's playing that night. The Rose & Crown on Saturday nights gets WILD. It's pretty much the 21-25, "ready-to-mingle" crowd there, and we do not exaggerate when we say CROWD. Pazzo, however, is a scene that brings together people from all walks of life, ages, income levels, and ethnicities. It's very inclusive and couple-friendly, so that may be your best bet. To boot, the food is seriously amazing.

Are advance ferry reservations necessary for day trippers to Nantuckett during the weekday in summer with no car

Submited by Alex from Ft Lauderdale

Reservations are never a bad idea in August. If the planes are grounded due to fog, then the boats can fill up quickly.

Where might we find wheelchair accessible accommodations on the island? We are hoping to visit on Boston Pops weekend. Also, do any of your beautiful beaches offer beach wheelchairs for use/rent?

Submited by Eliza from Western MA

Hi Eliza,

Visit our Lodging page to choose the type of accommodation you're looking for, then you can call each place to check on handicap accessibility. We know for sure that The Nantucket Hotel has two handicap rooms. Be sure to call them to make sure the rooms are available. Best to call these places sooner rather than later as this is pretty short notice for seeking accommodations on Nantucket.

Beach wheelchairs are available for free rental through Nantucket's Parks & Recreation department. Reserve one ahead of time by calling them at 508-228-7244. Just call them and ask for Diane.

Three quick questions:1)Family looking to visit primarily due to "Islands in the Sea of Time." Is there an operator on the Island that offers tours based around this novel? 2)What time of year offers the most activity options/best weather, & 3)Are there any Naval Warships open to the public that could be done in a day-trip? (Husband HUGE military buff.) Thanks so much!

Submited by Ann from Utah

We are not aware of any tours that are based on the book you reference, nor are we familiar with the novel. There are no naval installations on Nantucket, but there is an active U.S. Coast Guard base here.

I am a morning person. Do any places open for breakfast around 6:30am or 7:00am?

Submited by Martina Mutz from Elyria, OH

Crosswinds opens at 5 am. Don't let its location within the airport fool you; it is actually a darned good restaurant. If you want good grub for cheap, check out Easy Street Cantina, which is located next to the harbor near the steamship and opens its doors around 6 am. If you're looking for more of a cobblestones and historic downtown experience, then Black-Eyed Susan's is the perfect spot for you. They open at 7 am. You can eat outside on their patio if you want! Other than these, quite a few places open at 8 am.

Is there any type of Clipper Ship from Boston to Nantuckett. What would be the best form of transportation from Boston?

Submited by Jeff Gauthier from Huntington Beach Ca

Hi Jeff. No dice on the clipper ship. The fastest way to get here is to catch a flight, which isn't cheap. The least expensive way would be to take a bus from Boston to Hyannis then a traditional ferry. In total, the bus and ferry will run you a little over $50, whereas a flight costs $50 several times over!!

How far in advance should you make reservations for dining during August

Submited by Penny Edelstein from Punta Gorda, Fl

In August, you should be fine if you make reservations just a few days in advance, but it really depends on how many are in your party and how particular you are about what time you wish to dine.

I am bringing my small wooden sailboat to Nantucket for the 1st 2 weeks in August. Where is there public access to the beach where it is safe to leave a small rowing dingy so that I can get to my boat? Used to do this by ramp in Childrens Beach but have learned can't keep boat in the inner harbor. Would love to do so out of town - Pocomo head or Wauwinet ideal.

Submited by Jim from New Hampshire

Hi Jim, Hopefully you have secured a mooring for your sailboat. If not, Nantucket Moorings will rent one to you if you reserve it far enough in advance (i.e., call now!!). The town actually offers free dinghy space on the two town docks, which are located on Washington Street.

I will be on Nantucket from June 18-21 visiting my 3 yr. ld granddaughter. Do you have any fun events for kids that age? Thanks so much! Mary Crotty 860-337-0045

Submited by Mary Crotty from Columbia, CT

You can enjoy a visit to Children's Beach, where your granddaughter can play on the swings and in the sand. In addition to time at the beach, you can bring her to the Maria Mitchell Association Aquarium, where she may enjoy the touch-tank and viewing the various sea creatures on display. The Nantucket Atheneum has a variety of activities for kids: there's a free music program for ages 2-6, and several times a week they host a Story Time. For more during your time on Nantucket, visit our Calendar of Events.

Hello I was in Nantucket 20 years ago.I know a lot has changed since but it was the best summer I ever had I'm really considering to relocate in the island I'm a single mom with a teen age boy and he as well I will love the nice climate weather that Nantucket has and a change of environment from Texas weather would be a bliss. well I know I can't take much but planning ahead my first question is would a UHAUL trailer with a small compact car attached be able to transport on the ferry boat? also I would need to find a secured job for stability and a small apartment to start all on my own any suggestions as to where to start please advise and thank you.

Submited by jessica from Dallas Texas

Yes, you can bring a trailer over on the Steamship -- be sure to make reservations. If you are planning to move to Nantucket, we suggest you begin by familiarizing yourself with Nantucket as it is today. Finding affordable housing on Nantucket can be very difficult; start by looking on our classifieds. Keep in mind that while you might like our summer weather, Texans can find our winter weather very cold!

Hello We will be visiting Nantucket the last weekend in June this year (can't wait). I am trying to pack smart and light. What do you suggest, including colors? Thank you in advance.

Submited by Connie from Pennsylvania

Nantucket is a resort town, so everyone wears whatever they want. Here on Nantucket, you can walk down the street dressed in a $5,000 suit or paint-covered overalls and nobody will bat an eyelash. So if you're the bright colors type, then go right ahead and don 'em. Days can get downright hot, but evenings do cool off a bit, so make sure you have a wrap of some kind if you'll be out and about after 8 or 9 pm.

Years ago I read a quote attributed to a New York actor who, like many in the 30's and/or 40's summered in 'Sconset when the theater went dark in the City. Upon returning to NY after Labor Day, he bumped into a friend who asked him where he had spent the summer. Upon learning it was Nantucket, the friend replied in mock shock: "What on earth did you find to do there all that time?" To which the actor replied, after a thoughtful moment: "I don't really know...but there was not enough time in which to do it." Does anyone know where I might have read this and who the actor was? Thanks.

Submited by Edward Simonian from Nantucket

Hi Edward: What a beautiful quote! We regret that we cannot find any information on this. We suggest you get in touch with the NHA Research Librarian

Hello! I'm hoping to do some crabbing on Nantucket this summer and was wondering what the rules and regulations are (specifically if it is legal to use a single trap). The Massachusetts Department of Fish and Wildlife states that individual towns have their own crabbing laws, but I can't find anything, anywhere, on Nantucket. Many thanks!

Submited by Matthew Barron from Park City, UTAH

Hi Matthew: Complete crabbing and shellfishing laws for Nantucket can be found here on the Nantucket Chamber of Commerce's website .

Hi! I'm trying to start a band on island and we're lacking a drum set. Do you have any ideas where/who I can talk to in reference to this dilemma? Thanks!

Submited by Ali from Nantucket

Try posting an Announcement in the Classifieds -- it's free!

My great great grandparents (Joseph Macy Chase & Emily Clapp Macy and their ancestors) were born on Nantucket. I'm wondering if there are any family museums where I can see their history? Other Nantucket family include Coffin, Starbuck, Folger, Gardner, Gorham, Hussey, Tilden, Coleman, Gardner, Worth, Church, Paddock & many others. I know there are whaling museums but I'm more interested in the people of the island. Thank you

Submited by Pamela from North Easton MA

There are no museums on the island dedicated solely to the histories of families. However, the Nantucket Whaling Museum offers a great deal more than simply whaling history. You will see a number of those names frequently if you tour the Whaling Museum. We also suggest you visit the Nantucket Historical Association's Research Library at 7 Fair Street. There, you can be assisted by a professional Nantucket librarian and find all of the historic information that is available on those family names.

Hello My boyfriend and I are planning to visit the Cape May 20-22. We were thinking to visit Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard as day trips. Where can I find information on ways to get to the islands and prices? We have a car but don't need to bring it to the islands if we can get around by foot. Thank you so much!!

Submited by Smruti Patel from Toronto, Canada

The Nantucket.net Transportation pages should give you the info you need.

We are coming for the wine festival and would like to go to the Grand Tasting on Saturday at 12:00. Is it appropriate to bring school aged children?

Submited by Angela from CT

No, the Grand Tasting is no place for kids. In fact, you must be 21 years old and provide ID to be admitted.

Hi, I visited Nantucket last year and I participated in the Annual Valley Tournament and my question is will you be hosting another tournament and if so could you provide me with the point of contact so that I may be able to sign up. Also could you provide me with further information on the Nantucket Race Week August 10th-18th. I would also be interested in finding out more information about that. Thanks, Kameron Senemar 201-522-4646

Submited by Kameron Senemar from New Jersey

Yes, if you are referring to the annual VOLLEYBALL tournament, which is hosted by the Nantucket Interfaith Council. Call them and ask for Linda. Their number can be found via The Nantucket Directory. Regarding Nantucket Race Week, here are some tidbits about last year's efforts in going green!

Do you have any boat trips that go to Martha's Vineyard for the day? and are there any sunset cruises offered with wine and spirits? Please let me know. Thank you, Dawn

Submited by Dawn from Larchmont, New York

Shearwater Excursions has everything you're looking for: they offer wonderful private day trips to the Vineyard, as well as exquisite cocktail cruises. Just give them a call at 508-228-7037, and they will be happy to book something special for you this summer.

Is there a golf course on Nantucket that families can use while vacaioning there?

Submited by Clare from long island, new york

The island has several golf clubs, most of them private though at certain times of the year they permit non-members. You'd have to contact each one for details on their admission policies. Nantucket does have a disc golf course that is always open and always free! It is located in the beautiful State Forest.

Where would be the best place to meet singles of all ages?

Submited by catharine from northampton

Hi Catherine: Nantucket has a healthy population of single people who live and work here for the summer, so you are in luck. Depending upon your interests, you might consider some activities where you'd be prone to meet likeminded people. If you're a yogi, take some yoga classes out at Bartlett's Farm. If you love the environment, go out on a Saturday morning at 8am and meet the ACK Clean Team at that week's location. And if you're just looking for a fun night out with other unattached people, there's a lively nightlife/bar scene on the island throughout the summer months. Our calendar of events always offers plenty of options, especially as the season progresses. Good luck!! There are plenty of scallops in the bay, er, fish in the sea.

We are doing a driving trip to NY, Massachusetts and Maine. Do we need a reservation to get on the ferry to Nantucket for a few hours of sightseeing? Do we need our car

Submited by Diane Johnson from Belleville IL

No, you absolutely do not need your car for a few hours of sightseeing on Nantucket. The town and many of the main sites are easily accessible on foot, and there are several van tours if you wish to travel out of town. If you do decide to bring a car, then you definitely need a reservation.

Is there a company/jeep service that will take a vacationing family out Great Point for a day or part of a day for fishing/walking/perhaps a picnic? If not, please say so. Perhaps there are alternative ideas? We will visit in June. Thank you.

Submited by Spencer family from Wisconsin

We don't know of any company that would do that kind of full-service day trip. You could contact Nantucket Concierge to ask if they will put one together for you. You can get a guided tour of Coskata-Coatue with the Trustees of Reservations. Every day in June, you can join an experienced guide on a 2.5-hour 4x4 over-sand vehicle tour. For details and tickets: 508-228-6799.

Check out our Recreation page here on Nantucket.net, where we think you'll find a ton of options that you will love, including Boating/Fishing activities!

I can't make out the name on a painting I purchased back in the late 70's or early 80's maybe you can help? It is named boat yard 26/84 by I believe the signature to be , Dona Russul ????? Please help me identify the artist. Thank you.

Submited by Veronica from Queens, ny

Without seeing the painting, there is no way for us to be sure, but the artist could be Donn Russell.

Is it cheaper to bring building supplies to the island or buy them on the island. we are going to finish a basement there and was wondering if small contractors and islanders go off island to get their supplies at home depot or but from local building centers.

Submited by k grant from pennsylvania

In general, purchasing building supplies off-island is less expensive than purchasing them on-island. But, then you have to pay to get them over to the island. Comparison shopping is always a good idea.

Hi, My family and I were planning a trip to Nantucket this April I was wondering if beaches are open and what events we could do while we're there? Thankyou!

Submited by Julia from Sandy Hook, CT

Nearly all the beaches on Nantucket are public, not private, and so they are always open; however, the Town operated beaches only have lifeguards during the summer season (June through August). Also: the weather in April is not what most people consider ideal beach weather, and the water is apt to be chilly. To find out about events, visit our Nantucket Events Calendar.

How is Nantucket in late April? Is it somewhat busy?

Submited by Kelly from Dennis port, MA

The last weekend in April is the Nantucket Daffodil Festival Weekend. The island is very busy: both in terms of number of people here and in terms of what there is to do. Visit our Daffodil Festival website to learn more about this popular Nantucket holiday weekend. And you can stay up-to-date with our Nantucket Events Calendar.

Are there any campsites or places to park with a 14 foot trailer on the island?

Submited by Joe from Vermont

There are no campsites on Nantucket other than Camp Richards, which is for Boyscouts.

Can I buy real Scrimshaw at any shops in Nantucket?

Submited by Charlene Landry from California

Yes, several scrimshanders are still carving on Nantucket. Seek out Michael Vienneau on Centre Street, Nancy Chase, or Charles Manghis. The Museum Shop at the Nantucket Whaling Museum also has a selection of scrimshaw for sale.

my wife is scared of small planes like Cape Air. We have flown Cape Air with no problem other than my wife's fear. Do any large jets fly into the island anymore?

Submited by Bruce from Louisville

During the heart of the summer season, JetBlue, Continental, Delta, and USAir Express fly to Nantucket.

Hello. My boyfriend and i are coming in nantucket in the summer for a season job, but the employer does not provide housing, can you tell me what is the average price for housing per week, we are looking small room with 2 beds and shared bathroom.

Submited by Ena from Macedonia

This time of year we get a lot questions about summer housing. There is no simple answer: summer housing on Nantucket Island is expensive and not easy to find. Your best resource is our Nantucket.net Classifieds. Rooms for rent range from $150 a week up to $250 a week. Renting a house with a group of people is an option, but that can be just as expensive.

My wife and I are thinking of visiting in mid september .3 questions 1 iwhats the weather like then and when does it get really cold .2 is it relatively easy to obtain accommodation and is 3 days sufficient 3 are there any ferries to Martha's vineyard and if not how would we get from Nantuckett to Martha's vineyard , Apologies probably more than 3 questions

Submited by Peter Dowling from Australia

The weather on Nantucket in September is usually glorious! Bright blue skies, sunny days, and the water is still warm enough for swimming. It does not get cold on Nantucket (which we are defining here as below 32 degrees F) until December. As far as accommodation is concerned: we recommend that you make advance reservations. Weekends in mid-September can be very busy -- it is a popular month for weddings. We think if you spend 3 days on the island that you will be able to enjoy a good bit of what Nantucket offers, and you can always return for what you miss! You can plan your stay using our Recreation Pages with links to beach listings, museums, festivals, and more. If you want to visit Martha's Vineyard from Nantucket, we recommend that you fly from our island to MV.

I am flying to Boston in september and travelling to Cape Cod for 6 days and then to Nantucket. I will be hiring a car from boston. How can I find out about car ferry cost etc from Cape Cod to Nantucket and then returning to Boston after 10 days?

Submited by patricia murray from ireland

The ferry that brings cars to Nantucket is the Nantucket Steamship Authority. If you visit their website, you can see the sailing schedule and rates. We recommend that you make your ferry reservations as early as possible because there is a limit to the number of cars that will fit on each boat. You can also consider leaving the car on Cape Cod and traveling to Nantucket without it. Depending on where you are staying on the island and for how long, you may not need a car.

We are planning a trip to NE and have just a few days left in our itinerary. We would like to see Nantucket. Can we ly from an airport near Salem, mass into the island, get ground transportation and lodging overnight for a reasonable price. any idea?

Submited by Karen from Pittsburgh, pa

The answer to this question changes depending on when you are visiting NE. If you are traveling peak season (mid-June through August), then you have several transportation options (though your best from Salem would be to fly from Boston) and you will not find low cost accommodations for overnight.
If, however, you are traveling off-season, then you will find lower cost accommodation than during high season, but there are fewer airline trips to Nantucket. Can take the boat.

Hello, we will be staying on Nantucket the first week in August. We were told there are summer programs that children with special needs can access. Can you tell me how to proceed? Thanks so much!

Submited by Deb Cav from Manlius NY

Contact Nantucket S.T.A.R. program, their mission is to "provide specialized, therapeutic, accessible recreation, and adaptive sports to children with a wide range of challenges and disabilities."

In addition, both the Maria Mitchell Association and Nantucket Historical Association offer programs for children. You can contact them to see if they have any activities appropriate for your child.

Is there a ferry that leaves from Connecticut to Nantucket?

Submited by Debra Arditti from New Jersey

We are not aware of a ferry that travels from CT directly to Nantucket. The closest ferry to CT departs from Hyannis, MA. You'll find transportation links here.

My husband and I are bringing our 1 and 3 year old children to Nantucket for 5 days in July. We are trying to determine the best way to get there with children from out of the northeast. We are trying to decide between flying to Boston and then renting a car and coming over on the ferry or coming by Cape Air directly from Boston. What do you see as the pros and cons of each with young children? How much time should we allow so that we do not risk missing our flight or ferry in either direction? Would you recommend we rent a car so that we can have car seats available? Or are there child friendly ways to travel around the island? Thanks!

Submited by Lori from Cleveland

It's difficult to answer this without knowing your starting point in the Northeast. If you live south of the Cape, then you also may want to consider flying into Providence, RI and then taking Cape Air from there to Nantucket. During high-season, you'll be well served to be at the airport at least 2 hours before a flight from Boston to Nantucket, in case the security line is long. The airline can give you specifics.
Small children may fare better on the ferry than on a flight, since they can stretch out to sleep or, if they are awake, then they can wander around on the boat (with a parent following closely behind, of course!). If you buy your boat ticket in advance, then you should be fine if you arrive 30 min. before departure (but if you are choosey about your seats, you may want to arrive earlier). Remember that there are traditional ferries to Nantucket that take more than 2 hours and fast ferries that take just 1 hour to cross. You'll find transportation links here.
If you are staying in Nantucket Town, then you probably do not need a car on Nantucket. There are shuttles to various beaches, and Children's Beach is within walking distance of downtown.

Hi, I am a student from the university of sussex in England and would love to come to Nantucket for the 3-4 months I have off from early June. Are there a lot of people who do this? Am I likely to be able to find cheap accommodation and get a summer job? Thanks very much

Submited by Jamie from UK

Hello Jamie: Yes, many college students work on Nantucket during the summer months. It should not be difficult to find a job; it will be difficult to find cheap housing! Your best option may be to take a job that comes with housing. Our Nantucket.net Classifieds are a great place to find jobs and housing.

what is the average yearly snowfall on the island? my wife and i are moving there in march this year, and i was just curious. rich giesler

Submited by rich giesler from st louis

The average yearly snowfall on Nantucket is 20 inches, considerably less than the state average. Looking just at 2011 and 2012, very little snow fell on Nantucket. During this month, January of 2013, we've gotten approximately 6 inches of snow.

I am working as an RN at NCH this summer contingent on finding a place to live for 4 months. My 2 almost adult children are coming with me and all three of us will work. I am lucky enough to have a couple of great friends on the island, but I can't live with them. So far, all I can find are the traditional expensive summer weekly rentals. Are there apartment buildings or small mid island more reasonable rentals going? I have accepted rent will be in the thousands, but I can't believe everyone pays 12 to 25K/month for housing. What do people who live there do? Any advice? Thanks, Tamera

Submited by Tamera from Michigan

It is difficult to find summer housing that is not geared for (and priced for) vacationers. We recommend that you watch our Nantucket.net Classifieds Housing Section, and keep in mind that the reasonably priced rentals get rented very quickly.

Reading your thread I see back in October you told someone "a reliable source" told you the year round population was 18,000. Check your stats. The pop year round isn't over 11,000.

Submited by Rich from Nantucket

Hello Rich: We decided to let an expert respond to your posting. Here, from Catherine Flanagan Stover, Nantucket's Town Clerk, is an explanation of why the actual number exceeds the official count:

"We have just under 12,000 people that we can put a name on; 8,400 of them are voters. There is a town clerk adage that "...for every registered voter in your town there is AT LEAST one other person who is NOT a voter." That would put us at 16,800.

"There are (at least) 5,000 foreign nationals who have no reason to register with the Town Clerk because they don't register to vote. The only way they get counted is if they get married, have a baby, or register for the Steamship Authority resident rate.

"There are 1,300+ children in the public school system, and probably at least another hundred in the private schools. Additionally, there are at least a dozen families who home-school. Many foreign nationals - here illegally - are afraid to put their children in public school because they don't want anyone to know they're here.

"The ER at NCH has people waiting 24/7.

"You can't drive to 'Sconset and back on the Milestone Road, anytime day or night, without passing at least ten cars coming the other way.

"Wake up, and smell the muffins." We have 18,000 people here, EASY."

I am thinking of spending the last week of January on Nantucket alone. What would be open in terms of grocery stores, places to eat, etc.

Submited by Margaret from Truro

Hi Margaret: There's quite a bit open year-round out here! You can buy groceries at Stop-n-Shop or at Annye's Whole Foods or at Bartlett's Farm. The Petticoat Row Bakery is open and selling freshly baked breads and sweets, and Bartlett's Farm also has fresh baked goods.

Dining out options include Dune, Queequeg's, Town, AK Diamond's, Easy Street Cantina, Centre Street Bistro, Kitty's, foood for here & there, Sophie T's, Crosswinds, Faregrounds, and The Starlight (where you can watch a movie after dinner!), and Breeze Bar & Cafe. You can view more about these eateries at our Nantucket Dining Guide.

To find out about activities and events, check out our Events Calendar.

I'm planning a weekend trip with my boyfriend and we're hoping to bring along our dog. She's a well behaved labrador retriever. How can I transport her to the island? Also, are there dog friendly B&B's, outdoor parks, and other pet friendly businesses?

Submited by Jennifer from Philadelphia, PA

There are several inns and hotels that not only accept dogs, but welcome them wholeheartedly. Most of these are seasonal, so if you are planning your trip between April and November, call Brass Lantern, White Elephant Hotel, or Wharf (or "Woof") Cottages. If, however, you want to visit during the off-season, we recommend that you inquire before you make your reservation.

Regarding recreation with your pup, there are lots of walking trails and many pet-friendly businesses on the island. You can transport the dog via ferry or fly with her.

This is going back many years, but my husband and I visited Nantucket in 1986 where he purchased a belt buckle. It is a wee bit past the point of "should replace". We have searched for quite some time for another one to meet his requirements, but to no avail. So, I am wondering if you would help, if you can. The name of the shop, I do not remember. What I remember is that the shop owner sold belts, buckles and I also purchased silver and onyx hanging pierced earings, so he sold jewelry as well. It was a small shop. If he is not there, are there any shops that sell belt buckles?

Submited by Madeline from Pennsylvania

A lot has changed on Nantucket since 1986, so this is just a guess, but for handcrafted buckles and jewelry going back 20+ years, we'd recommend you contact Craftmasters of Nantucket: 508-228-0322. Tell them that Nantucket.net sent you!

Did a bit of research on the Opera House and the Skipper. Quite a bit on the Opera house, very little on the Skipper. I still remember sitting on the deck having chowder. If you don’t mind I have another question. Has the area at the end of Brant Point ever dredged or have people recovered the unknown numbers of pennies off the point?

Submited by Dr. Robert Lovell from -

From records obtained from U.S. Coat Guard Station Brant Point, the area around the point hasn't been dredged for the past 5-10 years. Our Coast Guard friends did mention that the current in the channel is so strong that it often carries large shells and other objects rapidly through the water. They doubt that even dredging would be able to produce an accurate number of island visitors' pennies. So the only real answer is that we have no clue, and neither does anyone else!

where I can take contractor license classes

Submited by Jonh Willson from Nantucket

We've heard that the Nantucket Builder's Association will be offering a class in the near future called "Nail It." Dates are still up in the air as all the details are finalized. You can get more information by contacting the NBA directly at 508-228-1600.

My boyfriend used to live on the Island and always speaks about seeing the ocean frozen. I'm trying to obtain a photo for him for his Christmas Present of the ocean frozen in Nantucket, but cant seem to source from anywhere.... any suggestions on where I could find/get one??

Submited by Rebecca Byrne from Dublin Ireland

Hi Rebecca: We bet the Nantucket Historical Association has something for you in their vast photo archives! You can search the archives by going to their website and click on the link for Search Collections.

I was in Nantucket this past weekend and I am looking for the name of a store where the sold round clocks. My husband really wants one for his 50th birthday. Could you tell me the name? Thanks So Much Amy

Submited by Amy Culross from Worcester Mass

Hello Amy: If it was a store on Centre Street, near Main, then it must be Freedman's of Nantucket.

Hello I am thinking about honeymooning on the Island in March of 2013. How much would it cost for me and my Husban to vacation there and have a good time.

Submited by Mrs. Armstrong from New Jersey

That depends upon what you call a good time. First, you'll need to get here. You can either fly, which is the most expensive way to get here, or come by boat, which will save you some money but will take longer. There are a number of lodging specials offered throughout the off-season, which certainly includes March. Call around to a couple of places that catch your eye, and see what rates they can give you for your time slot. Several island establishments also offer dining specials during the off-season, so you might want to try a few of those. We're not sure if you prefer to eat at fancy restaurants or casual ones; if you like drinks with dinner; if you're the types who enjoy shopping in the pretty stores you see while walking downtown. So while we can't give you a number of how much a trip will cost, we can tell you that between the special prices on food and lodging, a trip to Nantucket in March is bound to be far less pricey than a trip in the heat of the summer!

Also, congrats on getting married! Nantucket is a very romantic place in the silence of winter. Check out our website NantucketWeddings.com for some good honeymoon ideas. We hope you two fall even more in love on our little island, and that you keep returning for many years to come!

Where can I purchase a Christmas tree and have it delivered and set up inside a residence on Nantucket?

Submited by Kate from Off island

Bartlett's Ocean View Farm and Moor's End Farm both sell and deliver Christmas trees, but they do not offer setup. You could check with the Nantucket Boosters Club as to whether they can accommodate your needs. They are selling trees for $55 each for 6- to 8-foot trees this Saturday, Dec. 1 from 9 am to 4 pm in the Nantucket High School Parking Lot. All proceeds to benefit Nantucket Booster's Club/tournament play.

My wife found a portrait she loved of a bunch of starfish in a gallery near Slip 14, I can't remember the name of the gallery.

Submited by Joe from Norwell, MA

There are several galleries on Old South Wharf. She may have seen it in Ireland Galleries, which is across from Slip 14, or in Sosebee Studio Galleries, which are a few doors down.

Are their many resturants open on New Year's eve?

Submited by Jane from Boston

Yes, there are! Check out our special holiday restaurant hours guide for details! And for more information on the Nantucket New Years Celebration, visit their new website.

What day does Santa arrive on island? Where can I find a detailed list of Christmas Stroll activities? Thanks!

Submited by Chris from R.I.

Hi Chris: The U.S. Coast Guard brings Santa to Nantucket at 12 noon on Stroll Saturday, December 1. You can see Christmas Stroll activities posted on our Calendar of Events.

My wife and I are going to be in Dennis Port from 11/21-26 and wondering how to get to Nantucket, what to do in a day's trip, how big is the island, do I need to bring a car or rent one? Is Thanksgiving day a good day to visit? Thanks for the help!

Submited by Dr PJ Sierra from Florida

Hello Dr. Sierra: the fastest way to get to Nantucket from the Cape is by air. Flights depart from Barnstable Municipal Airport in Hyannis, MA, and take about 15 minutes. You can also get to the island via fast ferry -- both ferry services also leave from Hyannis, MA.

Thanksgiving Day on Nantucket Island is quiet. We recommend you come over the day after, November 23, and stay for the Tree Lighting Ceremony at dusk on Main Street.

We are coming to Nantucket next weekend. We are renting a jeep and wanted to know any sights you think are worthwhile to visit. Any good afternoon tea places you can recommend? Your sight is really helpful and thank you.

Submited by Linda Ferguson from Stoneham Ma

Since we only have one weekend to work with, we will give you just a few of our top picks. Definitely check out the island's three lighthouses. The drives to see them will introduce you to some of the beauty of the island since they are on three distinct sections of the island. Take Milestone Road out to see the Sankaty Lighthouse, and you will get to enjoy the little village of Siasconset, an old artists colony. (Come back for Daffodil Festival in May to see the tiny village crawling with people and happiness!) In order to see the Great Point Light, you will need to make sure that your rental Jeep has a beach driving permit (ask your rental shop). Also, check with the Trustees of Reservations before you drive out to Great Point to make sure that conditions that day are safe to drive out. And finally, the lighthouse on Brant Point will allow you to take an enjoyable drive through the town area. While you're in town, we think you'll really enjoy afternoon tea at The Bean, located within the mansion at 29 Centre Street. In addition to wonderful loose-leaf tea, The Bean offers delicious gourmet coffee drinks and house-made snacks. Also, if you'd like to educate yourself on Nantucket's lighthouses a bit before seeing them, check out our Lighthouses page our Lighthouses page.

How did you do with hurricane Sandy? I'm planning a weekend trip & was wondering what is open. Thanks

Submited by lee from MA

Hi Lee: Nantucket Island was very lucky. Some establishments along the harbor experienced flooding from tidal surge and high winds did a bit of damage, but for the most part it is business as usual out here. We'd love to have you visit!

I am thinking about visiting in July 2013. Are there any hospitals or out patient clinics on the island. I will be looking for employment.

Submited by Alice Robertson from Paducah,KY

Hello Alice: Nantucket Cottage Hospital is the main health care facility on Nantucket. In addition, there are a few physicians who see patients during the summertime, and some physical therapists, chiropractors, and other health services.

My husband and I have been invited to,share a house with friends next summer in Nantucket. We have not traveled much out east so we were thinking of driving and seeing some sights along the way. I have read about the ferries over to Nantucket but did not find any information about where to park a car on the mainland and costs of leaving it on the other side. Any suggestions?

Submited by Barb from Peru, IN

You would surely be provided with parking at the rental home, so it may be most convenient to do that. However, if you do not feel you need to have your vehicle on the island, then leave it on the mainland. From cabs to our reliable, clean public transit system, The WAVE, there really are abundant transportation options on Nantucket during the summer. The Steamship Authority for leaving your car on the mainland.

We're coming over to the Island for a HS football game and was wondering what is within walking distance from the HS for restaurants/shops since we're going to be there most of the day without transportation. Thank you!

Submited by Michelle from Massachusetts

That depends on what you call walking distance. The less-than-one-mile walk from the high school to the downtown area is actually quite a lovely one, complete with tree-lined cobblestone streets and historic significance all around you. Once in town, you will have plenty of shops and restaurants to choose from! If your feet get tired, just call a cab. We recommend Roger's Taxi (508-228-5779) or Autopscot Taxi (508-325-1704). If walking almost a mile is not an option, then you can enjoy Thai takeout from Siam To Go (located within Nantucket Ice at 1 Backus Lane). If you'd rather have pizza, subs, and salads, head over to Sophie T's Pizza, a short walk from the high school.

I live on cape cod year round, but i want to have a summer job for 2013. I'm also 15 so i was wondering if there's housing or something so i could live up there for the summer with another group of teenagers.

Submited by Claire from Yarmouth

Your best option is to find a job that comes with housing, such as being a nanny. There are quite a few postings by families looking for summer nannies in our classified section starting in March.

Is there any camping on Nantucket ?

Submited by Henry Burton from Cleveland, Ohio.

No, camping is not permitted on the island.

we will be there during thanksgiving. are there restaurants open? what would you suggest for thanksgiving dinner? what are other activities for that week?

Submited by connie from memphis

Not many restaurants will be open. But we do know that The Faregrounds Restaurant will be serving up a full Thanksgiving dinner buffet from noon 'til 8 pm! Under $20 per person, and families are always welcome! It's a great place to get a meal, and it's the Thanksgiving dinner location of choice for Joe Biden and his family for many years!

Theatre Workshop of Nantucket will be showing their production of "The Wizard of Oz." Also, the annual Festival of Wreaths will be going on at the Whaling Museum's Peter Foulger Gallery on Broad Street. This exhibit will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, but will re-open on Black Friday at 10 a.m. Another fall island event reserved for the bravest -- or craziest -- on Nantucket is the Thanksgiving morning Cold Turkey Plunge at Children's Beach. Also: the evening after Thanksgiving the annual tree lighting ceremony will be held on Main Street, so head to town at dusk, dress warmly and be ready to sing Christmas carols.

My family and I wish to visit Nantucket during the off season. What time of year is considered the off season when crowds would be lower. Thanks, Bob

Submited by Robert from VA - Virginia

Hi Bob: Off season on Nantucket is mid-September through April, with some weeks in May and early June also quite. The exceptions are Columbus Day weekend, Christmas Stroll weekend, and Daffodil Festival weekend, all of which can be very busy.

What is the year round population of Nantucket Island?

Submited by Bob Cannon from Baltimore MD

According to a very reliable source, 18,000 people live on Nantucket year-round.

Hi, I was wondering if there are any colleges or universities on Nantucket where I could go to school after I graduate from high school.

Submited by Emma Gryte from California

The only way to pursue a college degree while living on Nantucket Island is to commute or to attend an online university.

While vacationing on Nantucket in August, we were able to partake of the blueberry vodka that we were told was a product of the Island. There were "eight balls" on the label. How do I get in touch with manufacturer and do they ship outside the Island? Leanna Dunaway

Submited by Leanna Dunaway from Warren, Ohio

Wonderful! You found Nantucket's own Triple Eight Distillery ! It is indeed a product of the island; you can read up on its origins on their website. Unfortunately you're out of luck on the liquor shipping front. Massachusetts state law prohibits it. Guess this mean you'll just have to make it back out to Nantucket as soon as possible!

P.S. This summer, we learned about a drink called the Urban American and we think we're in love: Fill a highball glass with ice, and pour in a shot of Triple Eight Blueberry. Top with Sprite, stir, and enjoy yourself immensely.

I will be staying out in surfside in the middle of october and won't have a car. What is the best way to get around? I assume the bus isn't running, are taxis limited this time of year? Thank you.

Submited by Manuel from Vermont

You are correct: the buses will no longer be running by the time you arrive in mid-October. However, you shouldn't have any trouble at all finding a taxi throughout the month. There are not as many taxis, numerically, as there are during the summer, but there are also far fewer tourists on the island during October than during the summer. You have proportions on your side, and you are more likely to get a cab faster than you would in July. We especially recommend Roger's Taxi (508-228-5779) and Autopscot, (508-325-1704). You could also rent a car from a local car rental store like Affordable Rentals or Young's Bicycle Shop. There are just a couple of blocks distance between these two establishments, and they both offer a mid-October rate of $59.95 per day.

In season, are there lifeguards on duty at Sconset Beach? Thank you.

Submited by Kathleen Wi from Darien CT

Yes, but only during the summer season.

Is the half marathon event going to take place on 10/7/12? Thanks.

Submited by Liz from Atlanta

Hello Liz: Yes it will be held the morning of October 7. Registration closing date is October 5. Sponsor is the Nantucket Lighthouse School.

is there a bowling alley on nantucket?

Submited by connie from memphis

Hi Connie: Not any more, we're sorry to report.

Hello, Seeing that Nantucket is a small island where community members get to know each other, I am reaching out to see if someone might be able to help me to locate someone I am looking for who lived there for several years. He was a business owner in the community. I do not want to list his name on-line but am wondering if there is anyone I might be able to reach to ask this question. Could you please return my email to let me know if I can call someone to ask this question and hopefully find my uncle. Thank you! Kathy kdfon@yahoo.com (781) 850-6245 cell

Submited by Kathy Frye from Hull

Is it possible to do a house swap with anybody on Nantucket? My friend lives in Glensgeary in South Co. Dublin Ireland. Nice area near sea and mountains.

Submited by Patricia Greene from Dublin Ireland

Hi Patricia: Try posting a free ad in the Nantucket.net YANKEE SWAP section of our classifieds.

Can you help me understand what hotels may still have availability for Christmas stroll? There are 4 ladies coming for the weekend and we havent had too much luck finding lodging. Any insights on this would be helpful, Kathy

Submited by Kathy from Ct

Hi Kathy: First, fill out our lodging inquiry form. Then you can peruse the various options on our Lodging Pages, many of these establishments have availability charts on their websites. Word has it there are still rooms available, but you are wise to look now.

Hi, My partner and I are looking for a scenic location where we might get married Oct. 6th. It will just be the two of us and a Justice of the Peace for a very brief ceremony. We aren't interested in a venue so much as a vista. Any recommendations? We are looking for an accessible beach-side location, preferably something not too busy. Thank you! Sheryl

Submited by Sheryl from Rochester, NH

Congratulations to you and your partner! Take a look at our Beaches page for pictures of Nantucket beaches. During early October, we think you'll find both Madaket Beach and Siasconset Beach to be solitary and lovely. Eel Point, though less accessible, might be your best bet for being all alone and having a wonderful view of the sea as you take your vows. In order to avoid people as much as possible, don't pick a beach in and near town (including Francis Street, Children's, Jetties, Brant Point and Steps). Also, note that by October 6, the chilly oceanside winds will have picked up a bit, so be sure to wear weather-appropriate attire.

And remember to check the legal requirements in Massachusetts to make sure you've got everything in order.

Planning a trip there the end of the month and was interested in whether or not there are any lighthouse tours available? Thanks!

Submited by Roxi Hanson from New York City

You're in luck! Great Point Natural History Tours are offered until October 15 this year, and part of that tour is a trip up into the Great Point Lighthouse! Call the Trustees of Reservations at 508-228-0006 to reserve your spot and pre-pay by credit card.

We will be coming to Nantucket for a day in Sept. Last time we visited we spent a great deal of time in Sconset and found it absolutely beautiful the cottages and roses on the roofs. With only a day to visit what would you suggest as being the best way to use our time. Thank you, and thank you for such a beautiful Island.

Submited by Ruth from Canada

We agree that Sconset is absolutely beautiful. However, since you only have one day and you have already experienced Sconset, we suggest you spend your day enjoying the downtown area and the west end of the island, Madaket. The quaint and magical little downtown Nantucket area is a must-visit for the day tripper. Simply strolling past all of the little shops and galleries is an experience in itself. Even in the wintertime, when many of these places are closed, walking over the cobblestones in the cool breeze makes you feel like you could be living in the world a hundred years ago! Madaket, the west side of the island, is famous for its incredible sunsets. Plus the harbor and its surrounding houses (including Mr. Rogers' old house) are gorgeous. We suggest you take a cab out, make sure you have cell service, then arrange to be picked up after you've had time to enjoy the sunset in the sand and a jaunt around the harbor front.

Hi Ask Nantucket! I LOVE your website & specifically this column, I read it just about every day & dream of when I can get there. Luckily, that dream is coming true, my husband & I are going on a group tour of Cape Cod & (happily!) one day of it is on Nantucket! We will be there on Thurs. 9/13; included is seeing Brant Point, Sankaty & Lewis Bay lighthouses, a Nantucket Island tour, Nantucket Whaling Museum & lunch/shopping on our own. My questions are: 1. What is the temperature like in mid Sept. so we know how to dress, esp. with the various places/things we'll be doing? & 2. what, in the short free time we have in town for lunch/shopping, do you recommend would the best thing(s) to do to maximize our visit? Thank you very much, you are the best!!

Submited by Marge Fotheringham from Amherst, New York

There is, of course, no way to guarantee the weather, but the temperature in mid-September is typically in the high 60s to mid-70s during the day. For lunch in town during your day here, we recommend you dine outside if the weather permits: try Centre Street Bistro, The Essex Room at the Jared Coffin House, Dune, or Queequegs. All four are in the heart of downtown and have menus online. If the weather is less than ideal, you can dine inside at any of those restaurants or you can try the more casual Rose & Crown or Easy Street Cantina.

For shopping, well, just walk around the center of town -- we're sure you'll see many shops with items that will catch your eye!

I am on Nantucket this week and want to do the Bluff Walk in Sconset. How long in terms of mileage is the walk? Is the path stroller friendly or is it safe/manageable for a toddler to walk or is it a rocky walk?

Submited by Lisa from Connecticut

We're not sure how long the path is, but we can tell you that we would not consider it safe for a toddler to walk, nor would we suggest a stroller. The ground is uneven, there are some root and rocks to navigate, and it is narrow in places. You could try a baby backpack, but beware of untrimmed branches.

We are arriving in nantucket Labor Day for 2 weeks, my daughter, who has trouble walking, would like to rent an electric scooter to get around town to the shops and restaurants, could you provide me with the name of a rental shop?? thank you very much

Submited by dee from haverford, pa.

We actually could not find any place on the island where electric scooters can be rented. Also note that Nantucket's downtown terrain is not conducive to easy scooter usage and that there are many gaps and crevices in the cobbled downtown streets and in areas on the sidewalks, too. She may experience better mobility with a walker or with a wheelchair and the help of a family member. Dan's Pharmacy offers wheelchairs for rent at $50/week and walkers at $25/week. You can reach them at 508-825-9100.

We are coming to the island October 20 for the week. I have looked at the calendar of events for the week but do not see the chowder fest on the calendar which is usually the Saturday we arrive at The Grand Union parking lot. Will there be a chowder fest this year?

Submited by P. Schultz from Orleans, MA

We're sorry to report that this will be the second year in a row without a Nantucket Chowder Festival, and we are just as disappointed as you are. You can find consolation, however, in knowing that you can get some amazing chowders (otherwise known as chowdahs) on-island all throughout the year! We most highly recommend the chowdah at Fifty-Six Union or find your own favorite by browsing through our Restaurant Pages.

Would like to attend Christmas Stroll 11/30-12/2; however, all hotels sold out on Nantucket. Would it be worth the time to book a hotel on MV and take the ferry? Has anyone done this? Really want to see it!!

Submited by Susan from Connecticut

We are not sure who told you that all the hotels are sold out for this year's Christmas Stroll, but we checked with several local inns and we can assure you that there are still plenty of rooms available on the island during that weekend! Check our Lodging Page and you'll see lists of hotels, inns, and b&bs that you can call and reserve with. We are so glad to hear you are coming for Stroll! The holiday season is a truly magical time on Nantucket that is not to be missed!

We are thinking of coming to Nantucket for the first time the first week in October. I just noticed that is the art festival. Is the island crowded and more expensive that week? Thank you.

Submited by Peggy from Utah

Nantucket is rarely crowded in October. Even during Arts Week, you should have plenty of space to relax and not have to worry about traffic or not getting dinner reservations. During the fall months, prices are often discounted on the island. October really is the ideal time to visit Nantucket!

i am coming on thurday aug 30 for labor day weekend do i need to bring drink over from the main land or the are place to buy drinks is every thing walking distance or i need to rent a bike

Submited by josh fogel from new york city

Nantucket Island does have package stores, take-out shops, and a grocery store downtown where you can purchase beverages.

is there a ferry between nantucket & Martha's vineyard?

Submited by donna from new york

Yes, the Hy-Line Cruises offers this through September 2. After that date, you'll want to check air travel options.

We're heading for Nantucket at the end of this month and I was hoping you could tell me if Madaket/Smith Point and Eel Point will be open to vehicles with town beach permits. Thanks.

Submited by Bob from New York

Although the end of August is generally a time when you are allowed to drive on the beach, there is never any kind of guarantee that a Nantucket beach will be open to vehicles. If an endangered species decides to set up shop on a beach, that beach will be restricted to vehicles and probably also to pedestrians in certain areas. Just make a quick call to the beach manager at 508-325-5248 before you go.

Hi we are visiting MA in about a week. We have 5 kids between ages of 11 and 6. Just checking about things to do. i see prviously was mentioned about turtling and crabbing. can we buy/rent the supplies there or should we bring our own? ie nets, string, chicken? and how far is the place to go turtling and the maria mitchell aquarium from the ships dock? could we do this all in a day? many thanks

Submited by Ji from Levittown, pa

There are plenty of activities for families here on Nantucket in August - certainly enough to fill a day! We recommend that you bring your tribe to the Nantucket Whaling Museum, where they have a daily program for children. Also, the Maria Mitchell Association offers a number of fun family events. You can check our Calendar for details. As far as a meal on Nantucket for a large family, try Easy Street Cantina, which has a wide variety of offerings and patio seating.

Is there any public transportation available between L.I. and Nantucket?

Submited by Geraldine L. from Montclair, NJ

None we are aware of.

Hi, first of, I'd like to compliment you on this site; I've found the information in reading some of the Q&A's very helpful in planning my family's trip to the island. I was wondering though if there are any rental places that rent beach chairs and umbrellas for the beaches. Also my daughter really loves lighthouses, are the lighthouses on Nantucket open to the public to go into? Thanks, JC

Submited by JC from Townsend MA

Thank you! We work hard to bring you the most helpful and most accurate Nantucket information! Check out our Lighthouses page, which we hope will be of help to you and your daughter. Also, we highly recommend you take your daughter to the Nantucket Shipwreck & Lifesaving Museum to see this year's exhibit, which focuses on lighthouse keepers and their families!

You can rent beach chairs and beach umbrellas for $8 per day ($16 total for both) at The Jetties Beach Shop . The Jetties also happens to be a delightful beachside restaurant and bar. It's one of those rare places that transcends age. That is, The Jetties is very family-oriented, and even has a kids menu, but is also cool enough that college kids want to hang out at the bar for a drink. The Jetties Beach Shop offers bathrooms and even changing rooms and showers.

Bonjour! Nous irons à Newport trois jours et pensons prolongez notre voyage chez vous par la suite car votre île est magnifique! Je suis en fauteuil roulant. Est-ce que le bateau est accessible? Est-ce qu'on doit réserver à l'avance le bateau et peut-on traverser en auto? Est-ce qu'il y a des hôtels et des plages accessibles pour les personnes en fauteuil roulant? Merci de donner suite!

Submited by Danielle Laroche from Laval, Québec, Canada

Bonjour Danielle:
Nantucket Inn offre cinq chambres accessibles aux handicapés, dont chacune comprend un seul lit king-size et d'une baignoire / douche. Les chambres offrent toutes des portes plus larges et un accès plus spacieuse de toutes les commodités des chambres. Vous pouvez profiter de leur superbe piscine intérieure et un petit déjeuner chaud tous les matins à droite sur le site! Le Inn Nantucket est situé juste à côté de l'aéroport et offre des taux concurrentiels.

Si vous préférez une vue sur le front, essayez de l'Hôtel White Elephant. Lorsque vous arrivez, vous pouvez prendre la belle bordée de fleurs rampe à leur premier étage, où vous serez accueillis avec des portes spacieuses et beaucoup d'espace pour se détendre en guest de l'hôtel les parties communes. L'hôtel dispose de trois chambres accessibles aux handicapés, dont l'un est entièrement accessible aux personnes handicapées et comprend une douche roll-in. Les deux autres rouleau chambres ont une baignoire standard, mais ne proposent de larges portes et commodes accrues. Il n'ya pas de coûts supplémentaires associés à la réservation d'un de ces chambres! Les gens de la réception des réserves nous a dit que l'une de ces chambres est généralement disponible à un moment donné, mais, comme toujours, il est préférable de réserver votre chambre longtemps à l'avance que possible. Propriété adjacente L'Hôtel White Elephant, les Résidences Éléphant Blanc, offrent une atmosphére plus comme à la maison avec une cuisine entièrement équipée, salles de séjour, etc Ceci est votre meilleur choix si vous voulez rester plus que juste un couple des nuits. Il ya trois résidences qui sont entièrement handicap accessible, de sorte que la même histoire se passe: réserver le plus tôt possible pour les meilleures chances à obtenir la chambre!

Hôtel le plus récent de l'île, Le Nantucket, est prêt à vous accueillir dans la salle Islander roi! Avec ses 270 pieds carrés d'espace et toutes les commodités nécessaires pour un accès complet handicap, cette chambre au premier étage est le seul de son genre à La Nantucket. Une rampe nouvelle marque Le Nantucket facile à la fois l'accès et profitez-en! Vous verrez que la plupart des magasins du centre-ville et des boutiques sont au niveau du sol et ne pas avoir n'importe quel genre d'une "lèvre" que vous devez surmonter. Mais bien sûr, il y aura certains qui ne sont pas accessibles aux personnes handicapées, malheureusement.

Tous les restaurants suivants ont deux rampes ainsi que des toilettes accessibles aux personnes handicapées. Si vous aimez la gastronomie, nous vous recommandons Cinquante-six de l'Union, Topper, Galley Beach, La Perle, qui dispose d'un ascenseur à l'arrière si vous en avez besoin, et le Café Sconset. Si vous préférez une ambiance plus décontractée, puis essayez AK Diamond, Faregrounds & Pub Pudley de et Crosswinds, qui est le excellent restaurant qui est en fait situé dans l'aéroport de Nantucket. En outre, un moyen facile pour vous de se rendre à la plage est de manger sur la terrasse au restaurant jetées, où il ya une rampe d'accès à la salle à manger qui est à droite sur la plage!

Désolé qu'aucun d'entre nous parlent le français. Notre réponse vous est présenté par la traduction en ligne, de sorte s'il vous plaît excuser les mots incorrects!

Hello! I am lucky enough to be moving to Nantucket this weekend. I will be living there year-round. I am thinking about purchasing a scooter/moped. Do you recommend this? My thoughts are that it may get a little cool for a scooter/moped during the winter months. Also, I know you can rent on the island, but are there any locations on the island where you can get a reasonable deal to buy a scooter/moped? Thanks!

Submited by Danny from New Hampshire

Congratulations! Whether a moped will be practical for you depends on where you will be living and working here -- you might be able to walk everywhere. We suggest that you rent a moped for a few days once you arrive to test if it will suffice. As far as purchasing one on the island: inquire at one of the rental shops. They may sell some inventory at the end of the season.

I use a walker with wheels - is it difficult to maneuver around the streets of nantucket- also is it a long way to the store from the dock and are most of the shops and restaurants handicapped assessible- thank you

Submited by peg from ma

Although getting around on Nantucket may not be as easy as it is for you on most smoothly paved sidewalks, many people who use walkers are able to maneuver Nantucket's walkways.

Regarding the distance from the dock to the store, that has several answers. If you are coming in on the Steamship Authority, then you are about four blocks away from the nearest grocery store. If you are coming in on the Hy-Line, then you are only about one block from the nearest grocery.

You'll find that most downtown shops and boutiques are at ground level and do not have any kind of a "lip" that you must get over. But of course, there will be some that are not handicapped-accessible unfortunately.

All of the following restaurants have both ramps as well as handicapped-accessible restrooms. If you love fine dining, we recommend Fifty-Six Union, TOPPER'S, Galley Beach, The Pearl, which has a lift in the back if you need it, and Sconset Cafe. If you prefer a more casual atmosphere, then try AK Diamond's, Faregrounds & Pudley's Pub, and Crosswinds, which is the excellent eatery that is actually located within the Nantucket Airport. Also, an easy way for you to make it to the beach is by dining on the patio at The Jetties Restaurant, where there is a ramp into the dining area.

Again, navigating your way through Nantucket will definitely take some extra effort on your part, but we promise that Nantucket is well worth a visit!

We are visiting the island in August and have always enjoyed driving on Smith Point, Tom Nevers and many of the beaches in Nantucket. Are the town beaches all open for driving or are most of them closed this season?

Submited by Mike from Vermont

Each beach is on a case by case basis. The only way to know for sure is to call the beach manager on the day you are planning to go out. The Nantucket beach manager can be reached at 508-325-5348. However, as of right now, we do know that there are currently restrictions on driving at Smith's Point as endangered birds, piping plovers, have decided to set up camp there. ("Peep-peep-peep! Please don't drive over our nests!")

Hello, I am starting to compile a fly/drive trip to Boston in the fall/October? while near I should like to visit Nantucket and Martha's vineyard. Unfortunately I do not know how large these islands are, how long it takes to get to them and how much time I should allow to do them justice. So lots of information please. Veronica

Submited by Veronica Stevens from England

Nantucket is pretty small, approximately 50 square miles of land area. You can fly to here in 20 minutes from the airport in the mainland town of Hyannis. (You can get connecting flights from Boston to Hyannis, no problem. That flight only takes about 35 minutes.) Click here to see our favorite air travel options. Nantucket deserves at least three full days, especially in the beautiful fall weather of October!

Hi there, we are planning a day trip to Nantucket and are really interested in getting to Surfside/ and or Children's beach. We are travelling with young ones on the ferry and won't have a car. What is the easiest way to do this? is it possible on a day trip? help! thanks!

Submited by Vin from Ottawa, Canada

If you arrive on the first boat and leave on the last boat, then yes, it is possible. Children's Beach is within walking distance of both ferries (Steamship and Hy-Line). To get to Surfside Beach, you can take The Wave shuttle bus.

Does anyone remember the year that the Harbor House Hotel closed? Thanks.

Submited by Angela from Gladwyne, PA

The Harbor House Hotel closed in 2007, and the White Elephant Hotel Residences were built in 2009.

I've never been to Nantucket before but am extremely interested in visiting this august. What is the best town to stay in for a girls mid week vacation? Any hotels / room rental suggestions?

Submited by Laura McCarthy from New York

Nantucket is a town, county, and island; there are no other towns on the island, though there are some villages. For tips on a mid-week girls getaway, go to our Girlfriends Getaway page.

We are planning a trip to Nantucket the first week in October. I have been to MV years ago and enjoyed it as well, but Nantucket is my dream Birthday Vacation. I saw a utube video of a fast boat, not the Grey Lady Ferry, but another on the Freedom line leaving the Island in 6 to 8 foot seas and it was terrifying how the waves went over the wheel room. I wonder how typical this is and I don't want to worry about it so much that I spoil my fabulous visit. We are staying at the Centerboard and so exited. So which is better for smooth ride, the fast Cat or the fast ferry? Thanks!

Submited by Lynn from Florida

Hi Lynn:

There is a reason someone took a video of this occurrence and put it on Youtube: it's extreme. It is highly unlikely that the boat will run if the seas are this high. You actually might do better on the slow ferry as it does not hit the waves so hard. Go with Steamship Authority or Hy-Line.

Hi, I am excited to be coming to the island to live/work for the summer. I arrive next week. I have always wanted to do this and it is working out. Yeah! I wanted to know what kinds of groups, clubs, events that I could attend where I could meet other people...or even perhaps volunteer? Thank you so much! Shannon

Submited by Shannon from Charleston, SC

How exciting! You don't give us anything to go on about your specific types of interests, so we'll just give you some general items. Keep an eye on the events calendar at the Nantucket Atheneum. The library always has fun activities going on. The island has a number of religious organizations, including a Unitarian congregation that welcomes people from all belief systems. If you're an animal lover, you can make some friends both furry and human by volunteering at the local shelter or another animal rescue organization. Nantucket Cat Rescue can be reached at 508-825-CATS. The ACK Clean Team meets every Saturday morning at 8 a.m. and picks up trash for just one hour. Check our calendar of events for each week's meeting location. It's amazing how working alongside others brings you together! And of course, it's always easy to make friends out at the local brewery.

I have two questions: 1. Is grilling with a small portable grill allowed on the beaches? 2. Can we get a beach permit for Great Point? We are so excited for our visit next weekend!

Submited by Amy from Rhode Island

Hi Amy:

1. Yes, although permits are required for any grill, whether charcoal or gas, and are available through the Nantucket Fire Department. And although our cavewoman ancestors might be rolling in their fossilized graves, no open fires are allowed on any Nantucket beach.

2. The Trustees of Reservations sell beach sticker permits at the gatehouse to Great Point from 9 am to 6 pm daily. Cost is $140. Your vehicle must be 4 wheel drive. Also, if you have a canine friend, please note that Fido will unfortunately not be allowed to accompany you to Great Point.

Are there tours of Nantucket? If so, where are they listed

Submited by Ed from Mechanicsburg, Pa.

You can find tours of Nantucket listed here.

We are flying in Wed afternoon and very excited to to observe local customs etc...I was wondering if the CLEAN TEAM will be in action this saturday 6/30...and how can I volunteer and where should I report?...I will be in Sconset...Thankyou

Submited by Jack Williams from Londonderry N.H.

The Clean Team works to keep Nantucket free of litter and trash every Saturday in-season. You can see their schedule at their website.

My wife and I would like to visit Nantucket for a day in late July. Is there transportation to/from any of the beaches?

Submited by Steve from Hanson, MA

Yes, the WAVE operated by the Nantucket Regional Transit Authority runs shuttle buses to Jetties Beach and to Surfside Beach. You can see their schedules and routes at their website.

My husband & I are planning a long weekend to Boston (12/28-01/01/13) this winter. While in your area we would like to visit Nantucket but am worried that too many places will be closed and that the ferry will not be running. Please advise.

Submited by Diane Melohn from Brandon, Mississippi

During the last few days of the year, many restaurants and shops on Nantucket will be closed. In addition, all museums will be closed except for the Nantucket Whaling Museum, which will be open for its Festival of Trees display from 1 to 4 pm December 27-31.

But, of course, Nantucket beaches will still be open, and, depending on the weather, you can go for long walks. Several of the inns that will be open have fireplaces in their common rooms and offer afternoon tea. If the two of you are interested in a romantic escape, Nantucket could be the right choice!

Whether or not the ferry will be running depends on the weather. The ferry does run year-round, as do the airplanes of Nantucket Air and Island Air. You can look on the Nantucket Transportation page to help decide how to get here.

Hello, Do I need my passport to take the ferry from cape cod to Nantucket or Martha's vineyard? thanks

Submited by Katie from Boston

Hi Katie: Although some on Nantucket might consider America a different country, no you do not need a passport to travel from the mainland (Cape Cod) to the islands.

We are flying to Nantucket for the week with our under 2 year old twins. What are the rules for car seats for a cab ride from the airport to the home we are renting? We are not sure what to do since we can not travel with our car seats. Also, is there a crib or pack and play rental system on the Island?

Submited by Kristine from New York

Massachusetts Law requires children to ride in child safety seats until they are 5 years old and weigh 40 pounds. So you'l need to find a cab company that has built-in baby seats. We recommend calling Val's Cab Service at 508-228-9410. They do day-before reservations, so just give them a call the day before you need service and let them know when and where to pick you up, and that you will need TWO baby seats. There are several baby equipment rental companies on the island, and you can find a complete list of them by doing a search on the Nantucket Directory. Have fun on the island with your little ones!!

My finacee and I are eloping on the island next week. :) We will be staying at the Wauwinet and getting married on their private beach. We would like a local's opinion on clothing choices this time of year. We see that the weather hovers around hi 70 and low 50s. Since we have not been to island before, we were wondering what everyone typically wears this time of year. Thank you!

Submited by Kimberley from Houston, Texas

Congratulations! We're sure the Wauwinet will make your day a joy to remember. Don't forget to share your story and your photos with our Nantucket Weddings website; we have a contest for wedding photos and one for engagement stories.

As to your question about weather...well, Nantucket weather can be unpredictable. And since you are from Houston, it will probably seem cool here to you no matter what! We recommend that you wear layers. Mornings can be cool and foggy, so sweaters are handy. Mid-day you can probably wear typical summer clothing: sundress or shorts and short sleeves. Evenings can be cool, so bring the cashmere and you should be all set! For up-to-date and accurate weather reports, visit our Nantucket.net Weather page.

I am making my first trip to Nantucket in a few weeks and am staying at the hostel. I'm bringing my bike and want to know if it is safe to ride my bike to/from town at night, with a head lamp of course.

Submited by Amy Barr from Canton, Ohio

Hello Amy: If you stay on the bicycle paths and follow the rules of the road, you should be safe riding with a headlight. Please do wear a bike helmet any time you are riding your bike, and it would also help to wear light and/or reflective clothing.

Hi. What day will the 4th of July fireworks be in 2012? The actual holiday falls on a Wednesday (7/4/2012) so I'm wondering if they might do the fireworks on that Saturday (7/6/12)...? Please confirm. Thanks!

Submited by Anna from Boston

The fireworks will be held on Wednesday, July 4, 2012 at 9 pm. They are shot from a barge anchored 1 mile off of Jetties Beach. If there is fog, the fireworks might be delayed until it clears. If there is extreme bad weather on the Fourth a postponement will be made by 6 pm. You can find out by calling Nantucket Visitor Services at 508-228-0925. If they are postponed, then the fireworks will then be held the next evening Thursday, July 5, at 9 pm.

The barge will be located about 1,000 feet west off the west jetty at Jetties Beach. A roped off section of the beach will be closed due to the nesting Piping Plovers but other parts of the beach will be open to the public for watching the event. The Charles Street public way will be closed the evening of the event. It is suggested that people enter through the main entrance near the Jetties Pavilion building.

Ride the Wave to get to the Fireworks Show. Beginning at 6 pm, buses will leave the Whaling Museum on Broad Street approximately every 10-15 minutes and stop at the corner of Bathing Beach Road and Hulbert Avenue. We recommend you use this bus to get to the fireworks. After the event buses will leave from this same location approximately every 20 to 30 minutes until 11 pm The fare is $1.00 each way, half-price for seniors, individuals with disabilities, veterans and active military personnel. Get real time bus information from your smartphone at http://live.nrtawave.com. Remember patience if you have any waiting time.

I am visiting a sister in Boston - this will be my first trip to MA with my family. One of my "kids" is an artist and I thought we could take an overnight to Nantucket. We would want to see all the art-related places as well as experience the beach and any other must-sees. What would you recommend for arriving a.m. June 7 and leaving p.m. june 8: where to stay, what to do? we will not have a car. thanks :)

Submited by susan from newmarket, on, canada

We created a suggested itinerary that you may very well find helpful as far as activities: The Art Lovers' Getaway. Since you'll only be here for one day and you won't have a car, we suggest finding a nice B&B in the downtown area. That way, you can experience the rich art culture of the island without needing transportation other than your own feet! Check out our Lodging Map. The closer you are to Main Street, the better. Do call around and make your lodging reservation ASAP as the busy season is kicking into full swing! And speaking of our maps, you will benefit from looking at our Arts Map, which shows you once again that you should try to stay as close to Main Street as possible!

Regarding transportation: if you are flying to the island, you'll need to take a cab (you'll find a line of them parked right outside the airport) or the public transit system, The Wave , into town. If you are coming in on a boat, then you'll already be in town. There are several waterfront locations within walking distance of the town area. We suggest Francis St. Beach, Brant Point, Jetties Beach, and Steps Beach if you don't mind a little walking. (Trust us, Steps is worth the walk!!)

If you find you have a few extra hours, you might enjoy a jaunt to 'Sconset, where many members of the old artists colony lived in the early- and mid-20th century. 'Sconset is a picturesque little village where everything looks miniature! You can ride The Wave and get out there for only two bucks a ride.

I am summering in Nantucket and am a new mom to an 8 month old little boy. I am looking to either form or join a mom's group/young children's play group and am wondering what the best way to go about this is. I hope you can help!

Submited by Kristal from Nantucket

Congratulations! The local library, the Nantucket Atheneum, has a children's room where you might meet some other moms of young kids. The Atheneum offers is a free "creative movement" program taught by a local yoga and dance instructor called Dance(sing) Movement. It is split into age groups, one of which is open to kids from 10-24 months. You might also enjoy taking him to Children's Beach, where there are facilities and there is a lifeguard on duty. There is no surf, so it is a good place to let him enjoy some splashing around time with Mom! You'll meet plenty of other moms and families at the beach. Enjoy your time on the island with your son!

How much is daily parking at Surfside Beach, Jetties Beach and Madaket Beach in early September?

Submited by Lisa from Connecticut

There is no charge to park at these beaches.

Hope you can help me! I have thousand of Honey Bees at one location of the house. It looks like they are setting up "house" in the wall. Who can I call to have them removed without hurting them? A BeeKeeper? Thank you! Elisabeth

Submited by Elisabeth Provo from Nantucket

Try contacting Jim Gross at jim@nantucketlandandsea.com and let him know about your situation. If he is unable to help you, then there are several Pest Control professionals here on the island. You can find them in the Nantucket Directory

Hi, I am visiting Nantucket next month and need a good recommended place to board my 2 small dogs. My husband booked a place that is not pet friendly : ( Is it possible to get a list of the places available near the Martin House? I've looked online and haven't been able to find anything. Thank you in advance, Sam

Submited by Samantha Dvorak from Washington DC

We recommend the Offshore Animal Hospital, which offers boarding services. It is just a smidgen more than one mile away from The Martin House!

I am planning on visiting the island in 2013. I was wondering when the Boston Pops concert will be.

Submited by Patti Abbuhl from Stillwater, Ohio

The date of the concert has not yet been officially released. The Pops traditionally falls on the second Saturday in August; however, if you are planning your trip to Nantucket around this wonderful event, don't guess -- you should contact Nantucket Cottage Hospital for the 2013 date.

Years ago, I believe in the late 50s, the Cigar Store Indian was stolen from in front of the cigar shop. I remember riding my bike all over thinking I might find it. Was it ever recovered?

Submited by Dr. Robert D. Lovett from America

The cigar store Indian sat in front of the Opera House on South Water Street for years before it was stolen. It was never recovered! Wonder where it is today. This sounds like a great story in the making...

We are planning a trip to Nantucket the second weekend in June. We would like to take the Ferry from Hyannis and book the reservations in advance to ensure we will get the time/ferry we want. However, the inn we are staying at on the cape offers a discount on the ferry tickets. Should we book in advance w/o the discount and guarantee our choice of ferry or should we wait? What are the odds that the ferry we want will sell out at this time of year (we are traveling without a car).

Submited by Rachel from Ct

In early June, you should be able to come over on the ferry without reservations, especially if you are flexible on which boat you'll take. Only the ferry companies could tell you the risk of a particular ferry selling out.

Good morning. My son has been awarded a paid internship at the Maria Mitchell Foundation. he is currently still away at college. He did receive information at school. I will move him to Nantucket Memorial Day weekend. My question is what would be the most important items to bring from home. Ex. Should I purchase a bike at home or on the island.? MAC machines? Thank you.

Submited by Beth. Flannery from Ashland, PA

Hi Beth,

That's wonderful news! Your son has a great summer of learning and enriching work ahead of him!

He ought to do just fine without a car as there is seasonal public transportation. And he should definitely buy a bike here on-island since there are a few places where he can get a 2011 bike at a reduced price! He should call to see if he can rent a used bike for a day or a week to make sure it's exactly what he wants, then buy it. For an experience with a family-owned shop that has brought up bike experts since the early 1900s, visit Young's Bicycle Shop right on Straight Wharf. Island Bike Company has a complete selection of their fleet from the previous year, and Nantucket Bike Company sells used bikes, too. His best bet is to visit each place and shop around.

Anything he took to summer camp when he was a kid, he should also take to Nantucket. Bug spray, a good pair of sneakers, some heavy-duty clothes for any field work he might do with the Maria Mitchell Association, and also light clothing that'll allow him to comfortable play sports or hike on a hot summer day. He'll have some down time, so he should bring a couple of good books or movies or a laptop or anything else he might want to use to fill his free time. You didn't say what his living situation will be, but be sure he also remembers to bring bedding, etc. if necessary. He can pick up toiletries here on-island from the grocery store or one of our local pharmacies.

There are 10 ATMs on-island and plenty more places where he can get cash back with a purchase. No worries, Mom! The Maria Mitchell Association provides a wonderful internship experience! Oh, and do make sure you come out and visit him while he's here! Nantucket summers are beautiful.

I will be there next week May 16 to 17, just one night, we are planning to drive to Hyannis and leave the car there and travel to Nantucket with out our car, is there any places for us to leave the car parked in Hyannis and how much will it be? Also, are be able to find a last minute one night stay for my husband, my 3 year old daughter and me. Thank you.

Submited by Alba from Lawrence, MA

The Nantucket Wine Festival starts on May 16, so we recommend that you call ahead for a lodging reservation. You can peruse options here or use our Lodging Inquiry Form. There is parking at the Steamship Authority ferry and at the Airport.

Is there a campground with ammenities on Nantucket? If so can you provide details. Thanks

Submited by Kiwi from Vermont

There are no campgrounds on Nantucket Island. There is a Youth Hostel in the Surfside area of Nantucket. 1 (508) 228-0433

Hello, I am planning a visit to Nantucket in July and was wondering if you may know which B&B's offer no minimum night requirement during the peak season? We would only like to stay for one night but do not want to have to call each B&B to find out which ones do and dont require a 2-night stay. Thanks in advance for your help. also, My daughter is 6 - any suggestions you have on where best to stay would be great. Thanks - Jennifer

Submited by Jennifer from Boston

Hello Jennifer: We suggest you use our Lodging Inquiry form. If you do this, you can ask once and potentially get answers from many inns and hotels.

How far in advance should lodging and dinner reservations be booked prior to visiting Nantucket in May 2013?

Submited by Krystal from South Carolina

As long as you are not planning your trip during the 2013 Nantucket Wine Festival, you should be fine making your dinner and lodging reservations in 2013. We'd recommend two to three months in advance for lodging and two to three weeks in advance for dinner reservations (though, in most cases during May you will be able to dine at the restaurant of your choice with a few days notice).

If you are coming during Wine Fest, the situation is quite different. We recommend you make your lodging reservations up to a year in advance, and call the restaurants where you'd like to dine this season to ask how far in advance they accept reservations.

Hello, My husband and I are planning a much needed weekend getaway to Nantucket in August and are not sure which hotel or inn would best suite our preferences. We would like to be on the beach or as close to the beach as possible and at the same town close enough to walk to town. We would probably rent bikes but not a car. We would like a suite or a small cottage that offers the extra living space and a small kitchenette .... We love to pack our own picnics and such. We are interested in the higher end accommodations. I have read wonderful things about the Cliffside ,Wauwinet and White Elephant but am not sure which would best suit us for this trip? I look forward to your feedback, much appreciated!

Submited by Ann from Ga

The Wauwinet is a gorgeous inn with the beach a short walk across a manicured lawn. Great Point Lighthouse is a short over-sand trip from the inn, and a stellar restaurant is attached to the inn, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is a terrific choice for a quiet romantic couples getaway, but it is about as far from Town as you can get and still be on Nantucket.

White Elephant, another luxury accommodation you are considering, fits your wish to be close to a beach and within walking distance to town, as does Cliffside Beach Club. White Elephant is closer to town than Cliffside, but Cliffside has a nicer beach. You might want to add Inn at the White Elephant Village, which is very near the White Elephant, and has options with kitchenettes.

If you'd like to consider other lodging options based on their locations, check our Lodging Map.

My husband and I are considering visiting Nantucket and would like to bring our dog. Woof Cottages seems to be a good choice, but I would like to make sure this is walking distance to dog-friendly restaurants and dog-friendly beaches. The Cottages seem too far from dog-friendly hiking/walking trails and Cisco Brewery... is this correct? If so, do you recommend we bring our car in the ferry or rent a car there?

Submited by L from New York

Hi L: Nantucket is a wonderful place to vacation with your dog, and the Woof Cottages are the perfect place to do just that. It is a few minutes' stroll from The Boat Basin to the downtown area, where you will often come upon water dishes sitting outside local shops. To get as close to Tupancy Links Tupancy Links as possible, book a dog-friendly room at The Beachside . If you'd like to shop around a little more before you decide which inn will suit you best, check out our Lodging Map , which gives you a great perspective on the locations of many of Nantucket's best inns. And regarding Cisco Brewery (which is definitely a must for a dog owner visiting Nantucket!), please note that you will probably want to drive out there no matter where you stay on the island as there is no walking path (yet!) alongside the road. It is quite expensive to bring your own car to Nantucket on the ferry. And since you may not want to be bringing your dog into different cabs all the time, renting a car here is probably your best bet. We highly recommend going with Affordable Rentals, Young's Bike Shop (there's a resident black lab at Young's, too, who loves saying hello to other dogs!), Nantucket Island Rent-A-Car, or Windmill Auto Rental.

As far as the dining situation goes, at both Easy Street Cantina and The Starlight , you can dine on outdoor patios. And the entire dining room at The Jetties is on an outdoor deck at Jetties Beach! You're actually also welcome to bring your own food to Cisco Brewery, so grab some take-out from one of these places and enjoy it at a picnic table at the brewery!

Overall, we think you'll be very pleased with the amount of dog-friendly services available on Nantucket. And if you feel like spoiling your favorite pooch at any point throughout the trip, head to Geronimo's or Cold Noses or get a special memento collar from Nantucket Knotworks !

Our family will be visiting Natucket Mid May to celebrate a 25th wedding anniversary. The house we have rented has a fully equipped kitchen. Is there anywhere on the island where we can purchase food staples for preparing our own meals

Submited by Debbie Green from North Carolina

There are two supermarkets: Grand Union and Stop-n-Shop; there is a natural food Market called Annye's; and Bartlett's Ocean View Farm also sells groceries.

What month are hydrangea in full bloom to visit the gardens?

Submited by Heather Condon from NJ

Hi Heather:

Most species of hydrangea begin to bloom by the beginning of July and stay gorgeous well into August. So you have a good two months from which to choose! The pinnacle blooming period will probably be the end of July.

We are planning a trip in early May and are wondering how and if we would be able to get from Hyannis to Nantucket as well as Martha's Vineyard and end up back in Hyannis all in the same day. As well if we can then how long would we have in Martha's Vineyard and how long in Nantucket? I believe we would want more time in Martha's Vineyard. Thanking you in advance for any information Best regards, Sandy

Submited by Sandy from Canada

Hello Sandy:

I'm sorely tempted to suggest you take the tunnel.

Seriously, it would be very difficult to visit both islands in a single day, unless you only want to see the airports on each. We suggest you spend an entire day on Nantucket (flying here from Hyannis takes about 20 min), and enjoy the beauty of our island. The Vineyard you can leave for another time. (Go Whalers -- Squash Those Grapes!)

We are driving from Boston to Hyannis to catch the ferry to Nantucket. Do you recommend leaving our car in Hyannis or bringing it to Nantucket?

Submited by Linda from Texas

If you are going to be on Nantucket for a few days, then do not bring your car. If you are staying longer, perhaps you should. If you do decide to bring a car, remember: you need to make advance ferry reservations for the auto, and you should plan to spend several hundred dollars to get the car over and back.

Please, where is the World War Two stone memorial located? The one with the list of names of the sons and daughters of Nantucket who served. Thank you.

Submited by Borte from Boston

Just a few blocks from Main Street, you'll find the Nantucket Town & County building at 22 Federal Street. In front of it, you will see two monuments, one of which is dedicated to those Nantucketers who served in both World Wars as well as the Korean War and the Vietnam War.

If you have any interest in the Civil War, you might check out the Soldiers and Sailors Monument, which honors the 73 Nantucketers who died in the Civil War. It is located at Monument Square, which is at what islanders call "Four Corners." (That is, the intersection of Main, Upper Main, Milk and Gardner Streets!) Also, to get a genuine taste of Nantucket's part in the Civil War, we suggest a fantastic book called The Civil War: The Nantucket Experience. It was co-written by two island residents, Richard F. Miller and Robert F. Mooney and contains actual excerpts from of the journal of a real soldier from the island.

I have just finished geneology on my Mothers side of Nantucket family going way back. My Great Great Grandfather Amaziah Fisher Sr, built homes on Nantucket that still stand today. one of the homes is 37 Pine Street. My Mothers whole family are buried in the Fisher Plot Cemetary.My Grandmother taught at the one room Polpis Schoolhouse. Is their a place I could submit the stories and pictures I have of the Fisher Family history.

Submited by Valerie A.Forman from Utah

Hello Valerie: You could contact the Nantucket publication called Yesterday's Island.

Please suggest handicap accomodations in Nantucket. (first floor wide enough for a walker) Thank you!

Submited by Diane Mugford from Virginia

Nantucket Inn offers five handicap-accessible rooms, each of which includes a single king-sized bed and a tub/shower combination. The rooms all offer wider doors and more spacious access to all the rooms amenities. You can enjoy their lovely indoor pool and a hot breakfast every morning right on-site! The Nantucket Inn is located right next to the airport and offers competitive rates.

If you prefer a waterfront view, try the White Elephant Hotel. When you arrive, you can take the beautiful flower-lined ramp to their first floor, where you will be met with spacious doorways and plenty of room to relax in the hotel's guest common areas. The hotel offers three handicap-accessible rooms, one of which is fully handicap accessible and includes a roll-in shower. The other two rooms roll have a standard tub but do offer wide doors and heightened commodes. There are no additional costs associated with booking any of these rooms! The folks at the reservations desk told us that one of these rooms is usually available at a given time but, as always, it is best to book your room as far ahead of time as possible. The White Elephant Hotel's adjacent property, the White Elephant Residences, offer a more home-like atmosphere with full kitchens, living rooms, etc. This is your best bet if you want to stay for more than just a couple of nights. There are three residences that are fully handicap-accessible, so the same story goes: book as soon as possible for the best chances at getting the room!

The island's newest hotel, The Nantucket, is ready to welcome you into the Islander King room! With 270 square feet of space and all the necessary amenities for full handicap access, this first floor room is the only one of its kind at The Nantucket. A brand new ramp makes The Nantucket easy to both access and enjoy!

Hi I would like to know if Nantucket is part of Canada or if it's US. Do we need our passports if we're Canadian? Thanks

Submited by Nany from Gander, NL

Nantucket Island is part of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, U.S.A. Nantucket was part of the state of New York until 1691, when it was transferred to Massachusetts.

Can someone recommend a B &B. We are going memorial day weekend and will not have a car so would like to be in walking distance to the action (restaurants, shops etc). I stayed at the White Elephant and loved it but too pricey this time around. Any suggestions? Something with charm.

Submited by Rachel from Connecticut

There is a wonderfully comfortable and attractively-priced B&B called Anchor Inn on Centre Street that is less than 2 blocks from downtown Nantucket with its restaurants, shops, and museums, and it is a short walk or bike ride to several beaches.

We are visiting Nantucket May 4-9. We are looking for things to do. It is just me and my husband along with another married couple. So we are looking for things geared towards adults. Any suggestions would be great! Thank you!

Submited by Erica S from The Woodlands,TX

Hello Erica: For a complete listing of events on Nantucket Island, check our calendar. Many are listed for May already, and more will be added as plans are finalized. This calendar of events is updated several times a week. To find more activities, peruse our Recreation pages.

When will the NRTA start service for the 2012 season?

Submited by Jason from Nantucket

Nantucket Regional Transit Authority (NRTA) bus service begins on May 21, and expands in June. For complete information on the NRTA, visit their website.

Is there a taxi or other car service from Providence to Nantucket? We will be arriving in Providence June 21.

Submited by Mary Ellen Vieth from Evansville, IN

You cannot drive to Nantucket -- we are an island approx. 29 miles at sea. You can, however, fly from Providence, RI to Nantucket. Try Cape Air.

we are going to a wedding on september 8th at the white elephant. which section of nantucket is this place and what hotels would you suggest that are within walking distance. also does the ferry drop off near the white elephant. thank you

Submited by cynthia from swampscott, ma

The White Elephant is a lovely hotel on Nantucket Harbor near Brant Point and Brant Point Lighthouse. The White Elephant is near the Steamship Authority dock, but the walk is several blocks long so you might want to take a cab. You can stay at the White Elephant . Inns nearby include Brass Lantern, Brant Point Inn, Carlisle House, and Seven Sea Street Inn. If you are traveling with several couples or a family, you might want to consider the White Elephant Hotel Residences.

can you please advise the quickest ferry available to nantucket in April 2012 and how long it takes and where it leaves the mainland from. Also very interested in going to the whaling museum but understand it will be closed at that time- is there someone we can contact to see if there is any possibility that the museum might be opened for us if we make a donation. Many thanks, looking forward to hearing from you, regards, jo

Submited by joanne wastle from australia

The speediest ferries from Hyannis, MA to Nantucket Island are the Fast Ferries operated by Hy-Line Cruises and by the Steamship Authority. Each takes about one hour to cross the water. The Nantucket Whaling Museum is open in April on Saturdays and Sundays from 11 am to 4 pm.

a friend told me about a night each summer in Nantucket that people put out lanterns in their porches? If so, when is that? and where on the island could we rent a cottage that participates in that?

Submited by Janet Cohlmia from Wichita KS

We suspect your friend is confusing Nantucket with Martha's Vineyard, a larger island that is considerably closer to mainland Massachusetts than we are. Martha's Vineyard has a Grand Illumination night in August. Nantucket has a grand illumination every night in the beautiful night skies above our island.

There are 6 of us coming to the island in early June for a week and I have been reading up on the tours available. We went on a Segway tour of Savannah and had a ball. Does the island offer Segway tours? Thank you!

Submited by Terri Brandt from Germantown WI

There are no national tour bus companies operating on Nantucket Island, however there are a number of local tour guides. Among the best are: Gail's Tours and Barrett's Tours. Both operate vehicles that can accommodate 6 people.

We are traveling to Boston in July. We would like to visit Nantucket for a day. Is it worth it to take the ferry for one day? Would that give us enough time to check out the island or should be try to stay the night or fly? Trying to do and see as much as possible in one week!

Submited by Pamela Petit from Fort Wayne, IN

To maximize your time on Nantucket for a day-trip, you should fly in. Cape Air offers a number of flights from BOS to ACK every day in July, and the flight is just about 45 minutes. Make reservations well in advance, as these planes accommodate just 9 passengers each.

If you'd prefer not to fly, then you should drive or take the bus from Boston to Hyannis and hop on a ferry. If you do that, we definitely recommend that you stay overnight.

We were in Cape Cod last year and absolutely loved it, but we regrettably did not make it to Nantucket. We are coming in August of this year for the Boston Pops weekend. Since we are totally unfamiliar with logistics, etc. is there any info you can give us as to the areas(s) we should stay that would give us close proximity to where we need to be for the Pops weekend? Thanks!

Submited by Joe & Rita from Florence, Alabama

Nantucket is only approx. 7 miles by 14 miles, so anywhere you stay is close to Jetties Beach. That said, the very closest inns and hotels are: Cliffside Beach Club, The Beachside, Brant Point Inn & Atlantic Mainstay, Brant Point Courtyard. Check our Lodging section for more options and for maps showing exact locations.

I will be visiting Nantucket, MA the week of May 14-18 2012. My husband, my 3 year old daughter and me. We have never been there, is there any suggestions of what to do, I need a plan? Thank you.

Submited by alba from Lawrence, MA

First, a practical suggestion: because that week in May is the Nantucket Wine Festival, you should make dinner reservations in advance.

For family activities, go to the beach ! Children's Beach has a playground that your daughter might enjoy, and our other beaches are wonderful for beachcombing and building sandcastles. But note: May can be cool on Nantucket, so don't count on going swimming and bring windbreakers or jackets to the beach.

We also recommend a visit to the Nantucket Whaling Museum. The Nantucket Historical Association operates a Discovery Room that is designed for children. Your family might enjoy a walk down Straight Wharf to see the working boats and the yachts that are tied up there. Check with The Endeavor to see if one of their sailing trips is suitable for a 3-year-old, and visit The Toy Boat, where you can let your daughter choose a special toy.

Your daughter might enjoy a Story Hour at the Nantucket Atheneum. See our Events for their schedule.

Later in the day, you can head out to Cisco Brewery, where they frequently have live music early in the evening. You can enjoy a local brew while your daughter dances to the music.

Check our Events frequently. More activities will be posted as your trip draws near.

When are the list of book signing, lectures, and short plays for June and July made available.

Submited by Wellington Roarck from Montreal, QC

Events and activities are constantly added to our Calendar of Events as they are scheduled. If you look at our Events frequently, you will find what you need.

our extended family will be on the island in june and we want an affordable photographer to take family pictures. suggestions?

Submited by connie lewis lensing from memphis tn

You can find a listing of photographers here: http://www.nantucket.net/art/photo.php You say you want an "affordable" photographer, but "affordable" is a relative term. We suggest you peruse this listing, find a photographer or two whose work you like and contact them. If their rates are too high, you can always post a request in our classifieds but know that you will get replies from photographers with a wide range of talent, and you should choose carefully since you will be capturing a moment that you could treasure forever.

Are there any beaches within walking distance of the airport? if not any idea on taxi costs? What is the nicest beach with lots of waves to go to? thanks

Submited by bill sargent from worcester,ma

You can walk to Nobadeer Beach from the airport. Here is a beach listing: http://www.nantucket.net/beaches/index.php

We will be in Nantucket in October. I have heard not to bring a car to the island. We thought we would rent a car at the Boston airport and bring it on the ferry. Thoughts, please.

Submited by Mary from Michigan

You do not need a car on Nantucket, particularly if you are visiting for just a few days. If you do decide that you want to travel around the island, it would be less expensive to rent a car here on-island for a day or two than to rent one in Boston and pay a round-trip ticket on the SSA ferry.

Is a permit needed to bring a truck onto Nobadeer beach?

Submited by Mo from Mass

Yes, you must have a permit to drive on any Nantucket beach. You can obtain the permit from the Nantucket Police Department.

how do I get a list of nantucket bed and breakfasts?

Submited by colleen kkenyon from saugerties neew york

Here: http://www.nantucket.net/lodging/inns.php

When is the daffodil festival? How long do they bloom? I am thinking of coming the 1st weekend in May. Will things be open? Will I have things to do then?

Submited by Marlene from Needham, MA

The Nantucket Daffodil Festival is held the last full weekend in April -- this year, April 27, 28, and 29, with the antique car parade, Main Street festivities, and tailgate picnic in Sconset on Saturday, April 28.

The daffodils on Nantucket are in bloom now! This is the earliest in recent memory, but we're told by the island's daffodil expert that there will still be daffodils blooming on Nantucket for the festival, they will just be the later blooming varieties that we often don't see until May.

I was planning to visit Nantucket either at the end of April or the first weekend in May 2012. Is one better than the other? I know in other New England places the beginning of May seems to bring the start of tourism--shops and restaurants open.

Submited by Tim from White Plains, NY

The end of April is when Nantucket celebrates Spring with our annual Daffodil Festival (April 27-28-29 for 2012). So that is the idea time to visit! The first weekend in May, most shops and eateries are open, but the island is quiet until the Wine Festival, which is held mid-May.

My wife and I have been in love with Nantucket's history, people and stlye for years and have introduced the island to our family and relatives. They are now hooked on Nantucket as we are! We are planning a family vacation with cousins and in-laws August 5th of 2012. Will the Dreamland Theatre be completed by then? I would like to plan a movie night for that week for the kids. Can we find out what movies will be playing? Is it possible to purchase tickets in advance to avoid a sell out? Thanks!

Submited by Ben Adams from Buffalo, NY

Yes, The Dreamland will be completed by August, and their movies will be posted. You will be able to purchase tickets online.

We visit Nantucket twice a year and always rent a jeep so we can go out to Great Point on the beach. This year we are bringing our own vehicle which is a four wheel drive explorer. Do we have to purchase the full year round permit from the police dept. or can a day permit be purchased at the guard gate at the entrance to Great Point?

Submited by Jim from New York

Hi Jim: Great Point & Coatue Wildlife Refuge gives vehicle access by separate permit issued only at the Wauwinet Gate House. Access to this area is not controlled by the Town of Nantucket. The Trustees of Reservations protects this fragile environment on Nantucket.

You can find lots of information about the area and on purchasing your 2012 permit here: http://www.thetrustees.org/places-to-visit/cape-cod-islands/coskata-coatue.html

It's been about 20 years since I was last on Nantucket. Is there still a retriction on the number of cars on the island? I am interested in taking sailing lessons for a few weeks. When would you suggest coming and where on the island would you suggest I stay? Am also planning to visit Martha's Vineyard.. Where can I find the daily Ferry schedule from Nantucket to the Vineyard? Thanks for your help.

Submited by Aly from Louisiana

Hello Aly: For all information on sailing, we recommend you contact Nantucket Community Sailing. This wonderful organization offer classes, rentals, and is a member of US Sailing and licensed by the Commonwealth of Mass.http://www.nantucketcommunitysailing.org/

For info on transportation between Nantucket and MV, visit https://hylinecruises.com/ and http://www.capeair.com

We are planning to spend a couple days in early March - if we fly in to the island, what are the transportation options on the island? It seems to be the off season - Will the shuttle bus be running? Can we find either car or bike rental (umm, what's the weather like?) Or is taxi our only option? Please advise, thanks!

Submited by Ellen from Georgia

During the month of March on Nantucket, the only options for transportation are to rent a car, take a taxi, or ride a bike. The NRTA Shuttle only runs during the season. For information on bike rentals, car rentals, walking, and the NRTA, visit our Transportation section: http://www.nantucket.net/trans/on.php

I am interested in visiting Nantucket. I've been to Cape Cod but never been to Nantucket or Martha's Vineyard. I need to know what is the quickest way to get to either if I am traveling by car. I'm also coming with one other person, and I'm having a hard time finding lodging for two. Any recommendations? Our travel dates are June 9-15. Neither of us have traveled to either destination and we want to see the most while also getting a chance to relax. Where would you recommend we stay and what activities would you recommend for two 40 somethings on a romantic getaway? Love bike riding and beach activities.

Submited by Angela from Alabama

From Alabama during the summer months, you have several choices: you can drive to Providence, RI and take a 45-min flight to Nantucket on Cape Air; you can drive to Boston, MA and take a 45-min. flight to Nantucket on Cape Air; or you can drive to Hyannis, MA and either take a 18-min. flight or a 1-hour high speed ferry ride or a 2.5 hour traditional ferry ride to get to our island.

To research accommodations and activities, please see our Lodging pages here: http://www.nantucket.net/lodging/index.php And for ideas on a romantic getaway, look here: http://www.nantucket.net/itineraries/romantic.php

My husband and I love Nantucket and vacation on the Island every year, we especially appreciate all of the fine dinning. This year is our 40th and we are renting a house in Brant Point so that our adult children can join us. The party will include our first grandchild who will be one. Will we be able to include the baby in our dinner parties or is that frowned upon. Do you have suggestions of restaurants that are child friendly that aren't fast food like? Obviously we would remove the baby if she were fussy.

Submited by Angela Carr from New York

Most mid-level and several fine dining restaurants on Nantucket welcome families who responsibly handle their children. Among the eateries where families will be most comfortable are A.K. Diamonds, Fifty-Six Union, Brant Point Grill, and DeMarco. Others that could be considered are American Seasons, Dune, and Boarding House -- those three have sheltered outdoor patios that tend to be better for families with young children (less worry over small spills). Do check on availability of high chairs when you make your reservation because not all listed have them. And good for you for including the little ones in your trips to restaurants; starting children early on dining out etiquette is always a good idea, even if it means sometimes the adults must take turns with "time-outs" during the entree service until the etiquette is learned.

We are thinking about a day trip over to Nantucket from Hyannis sometime during the week of 15 April, 2012. In your opinion, is a single day in Nantucket worth the expense of the ferry ride and what would you recommend we see (we really like history) given our limited time? What can we expect in terms of weather that time of year? One last thing. Can you recommend a good seafood restaurant?

Submited by Tom West from Gloucester, VA

April can be beautiful on Nantucket. The annual Daffodil Festival is at the end of April, but many of the pretty yellow blooms should adorn the island by the 15th. The Nantucket Whaling Museum will be open Saturdays and Sundays from 11 am to 4 pm that time of year, and it is the perfect place to immerse yourself in the history of the island.

April weather is unpredictable, so bring a jacket and, if you have "thin blood" then a scarf and gloves might be wise.

Good restaurants that serve seafood and are open here in April include The Sea Grille, Fifty-Six Union, Dune, and Centre Street Bistro. For sushi try Yoshi's or LoLa 41.

We want to visit in October for our anniversary. Is October still a viable time to visit Nantucket? We don't want to be there with things feeling "closed". Suggestions?

Submited by Mary from Michigan

October is one of the best months to visit Nantucket! The weather is still warm and so is the water, if you like you can swim at the island beaches. All the island restaurants, inns, and shops will be open through Columbus Day weekend (mid-October), and many will stay open through the entire month. A number of them will even start offering specials.

In October you can enjoy the Cranberry Festival and harvest, gallery openings, local theatre, and more. If you come at the end of the month, Main Street is closed for the annual Halloween parade, where adults have as much fun dressing in costume as the children.

I have my permit now and in August when I'm on Nantucket, I will be able to get my license. Is there somewhere on island that I would be able to take the road test to get my license?

Submited by Trish from Boston

When you arrive on the island, check in with the Nantucket Police Department at 4 Fairgrounds Road.

We will be in nantucket next fall and will need a babysitter for two nights while we attend a function. When the time comes, how do I go about finding a reliable and reputable babysitter?

Submited by allison from midwest

Hello Allison: You can check the Nantucket.net Babysitting classifieds here: http://www.nantucket.net/classifieds/data/employment/babysit.php

I'm planning a bicycle tour in July 2012 that includes a visit to Nantucket ~ a destination I've wanted to come to for a long time. I'm retired Coast Guard and looking for a possible place to setup a tent on Nantucket during my visit in the second week or so of July 2012. Thanks, Keith


Camping is not permitted on Nantucket, but may who enjoy camping like to stay at the Star of the Sea Youth Hostel in Surfside.

When is the best time to visit Nantucket for swimming at the beaches but not swarming with tourists?

Submited by Set from California

Waters around Nantucket are usually warm enough for swimming through the Fall, so if you are looking for quiet beaches, then September and October are prime times to go to the beach.

Dear Nantucket friends: I'm planning to visit Nantucket the first week of May, to spend some days of my Honeymoon there. I have never been there, but many friends had recommended the island for a beautiful and romantic stay. I wanted to ask you if it is worthy to visit Nantucket in this period of the year. Is there any activities to do or everything is closed? How is the weather? It is still too cold to go to the beach? I would like to know if there are exiting walks and places to visit, and if it possible to enjoy the beach during this time of the year... Thanks! B.

Submited by Bernardita from Chile

Hello Bernardita: May on Nantucket is beautiful but it is chilly in the evenings. You can certainly visit the beaches, but the water may also be a bit cold for swimming (usually in the mid-50s to low 60s), depending on what you are accustomed to. You can take a charter sail or go out fishing in May. Most restaurants are open and so are the shops. There will be lectures and tours, live musical performances and theatre, stargazing and nature walks.

When does the Steamship Authority typically start taking car ferry reservations to Nantucket for the summer? I have be checking on the Steamship Authority web site but can't find any info on this. Many thanks!

Submited by Kelly from New York

According to their website, The Steamship Authority is now taking reservations for travel from April 18 to May 20, 2012. As of Tuesday, January 17, 2012, they will accept reservations for travel from May 21 through October 14, 2012. If you set up an account, you can reserve online; otherwise, you can call 1-508-477-8600

I seem to remember during some of my visits to Nantucket that there is a Macy house am I correct?

Submited by Lorraine Wright from Long Island NY

There is a Macy-Christian house, which is a historic site on Liberty Street owned and operated by the Nantucket Historical Association, and there is a Macy Warehouse which is commercial space on lower Broad Street.

Hello! I am seeking the name of a noctural beach critter for a travel essay on Nantucket Island. I have lived in MA all my life but I have only seen this unusual seaside sight on the beach, only at night, and only in Nantucket. Being dark, it was difficult to see them clearly, but it looked very much like hundreds of large spiders crawling across the sand. They seemed to move forward, and much too fast to be crabs. Any ideas? Thanks!

Submited by Holly from Norton, MA

Hi Holly

To find an answer to your question, we turned to the experts at the Maria Mitchell Association here on Nantucket! Here's what Cheryl Comeau Beaton had to say: "Your own observations are what tipped me off. You said you saw hundreds of these critters and although TV still portays spiders as sinister hunters, you are very unlikely to see spiders moving in "packs." Fiddler crabs, on the other hand, burrow into the sand in places like Harbor Flats, Eel Point, Coatue and other similar beaches. These burrows can number into the thousands, and when the tide, the phase of the moon, and time of the year are right you might easily see them by the hundreds."

And she has a few questions for you..."What island beach were you on? Where in relation to the high tide line did you see the critters? What month was it?"

Hi, I am an Australian and plan to visit the USA at Christmas and during January - though I have visited many places in the USA I have never been to Nantucket and have long wanted to visit. My question is what is it like in early January? I have checked the weather and so on and I don't mind the cold, wind and even snow, but will I be able to do long walks and will most places be open (museums, restaurants, etc)? Any ideas for a single traveller in winter would be much appreciated!! Mary

Submited by Mary from Sydeny, Australia

Hi Mary:

Nantucket is very quiet in January, so if you're looking for Nantucket when goes back to its small town feel, that is the time to visit.

Some inns and shops are open. For restaurants, usually Fifty-Six Union is open, along with LoLa 41, A.K. Diamonds, Fusaro's, Crosswinds, Pazzo, Sophie Ts, Faregrounds, Queequeg's, The SeaGrille, the Rose & Crown, and perhaps a few more. The Whaling Museum Festival of Trees continues on January 2 and 3, but after that the museum closes for the season. The Skating Rink is open, there are usually Winter Conservation Walks and lectures to attend.

I have relatives coming from Wyoming and they would like to visit Nantucket in December after the Christmas stroll. They would also like to do some shopping. What times are the stores generally open downtown.

Submited by Gil Silva from Plymouth, MA

After Christmas Stroll weekend, some shops and restaurants close for the season and hours of the onews that remain open do vary. In general, the shops downtown and in the mid-island area are open most days from 10 to 5. Several on Straight Wharf remain open, but most of Old South Wharf is closed for the season.

When I was a young girl, I had the opportunity to visit my Great Aunt on Nantucket and I remember visiting Miss Pope's Doll House and the Whaling Museum. My great Aunt lived on Lowell Place. She has long since passed away and I am talking approximately 50 years ago. We visited the Old Mill and the Oldest House and numerous other locations, can you shed any light on these places. Thank you.

Submited by Joyce Daugherty from Odessa, Delaware

Hello Joyce: The Whaling Museum, Old Mill, and Nantucket's Oldest House are owned and operated by the Nantucket Historical Association. Both are open to the public during the season, and you can find more information about them at http://www.nha.org
Margaret Pope's Enchanted Doll House, just off Main Street, is now a private home. It is for sale for just under $1.3 million.

In early August, I was down at Tom Nevers beach one night, and I noticed that when you splash the water around, a bunch of tiny, green, glowing dots appeared and disappeared before my very eyes! How would you explain this?

Submited by Brian from Tom Nevers

Hi Brian:
What you saw is often called "ocean phosphorescence," but is actually bioluminescence. Commonly seen here (and elsewhere) at night when the water is disturbed, this light is probably from dinoflagellates (plankton) that react to stimulation when the water is disturbed by emitting brief bright light. Some creatures use bioluminescence as a warning, some as a trap to catch prey, and some use it for communication. Fireflies are a more commonly known example of critters with bioluminescence.

Looking to take my husband way November 11 -13 and love to take him to Nantucket. I know it is off season but wanted to know about places to stay, are stores still opened, any event for that weekend, car rental, ferry still run during this time?

Submited by Sheila from Lancaster MA

Hi Sheila: November is a great month for quiet romance on Nantucket. You can find a lovely inn by looking here: http://www.nantucket.net/lodging/index.php Several will probably have special rates for that weekend. Yes, shops are still open, though their hours will be shorter. The Nantucket Whaling Museum will be open from 11 am to 4 pm, and you can check our calendar of events http://www.yesterdaysisland.com/events/index.php for other activities.

this summer we stay 1 days on the island ,next summer we want to stay 1 week can you tell me if I cant ride with my bmw motorcycle very quiet bike.what the rules on the island for motorcycle.thank you

Submited by paul goupil from quebec city canada

We could find no laws prohibiting the riding of a motorcycle on Nantucket, however, we would all appreciate it if you did not ride between 9 pm or before 7 am. The Nantucket Conservation Foundation does reserve the right to prohibit use of motorcycles on their properties. You can read over Massachusetts Laws here: http://www.mass.gov/rmv/mcmanual/index.htm

We will be on the Island October 15 to October 22. Where might I find a scrimshaw artist?

Submited by susan phillips from Louisville, ohio

The Scrimshander Gallery at 38 Centre Street is owned and operated by a scrimshander who has been working his craft here for several decades. And don't forget to visit the Scrimshaw Room in the Nantucket Whaling Museum to see many exquisite examples from our island's past.

Plannning on a Nantucket stay early spring (April/May)---any music, wine tastings, or what goes on during that time? Thanks for your help.

Submited by suzanne stauffer from allentown, pa

Hello Suzanne: Highlights of Nantucket during April and May are the annual Daffodil Festival (held every year during the last full weekend of April) and the Nantucket Wine Festival (held in mid-May, but we have not been given the 2012 dates yet).
If you go to our calendar of events http://www.yesterdaysisland.com/events/index.php and check what was going on during April and May of 2011, you can get a sense of what goes on here during those springtime weeks. Do check dates for 2012 with the sponsoring organizations.

Does Nantucket have lodging to accomodate pets too?

Submited by Miche Baker from Connecticut

There are several pet-friendly inns and hotels on Nantucket. Check out http://www.brasslanternnantucket.com or http://www.thecottagesnantucket.com

We will be coming to Nantucket for a day the first week of October - coming over by ferry from Hyannis. We would like to visit the lighthouses and wonder how we can get transportation - is there mopeds we can rent or a golf cart at the dock?

Submited by Donna from Ohio

You can walk to Brant Point Lighthouse from town, but if you want to visit the others, your best option is probably an organized tour. You can see Sankaty Head Lighthouse if you take a tour with Ara's Tours. But Great Point Lighthouse is too far out unless you want to take your entire day to see it.

While watching the Nate show recently, he mentioned a place to eat...he says the pancakes were the best....I couldn't quite get the name but it's like Downy flake??? I know that's not it but I listened to it over and over and couldn't understand the name. Can you help me?? thank you. Barbara

Submited by barbara broadley from toronto canada

Hi Barbara:
Nate could have said Downyflake...The Downyflake is an island classic that serves breakfast and lunch. It's located mid-island.
Other great choices for breakfast are The Hen House (also located mid-island, not far from The Downyflake), Crosswinds Restaurant at the airport, Arno's at 41 Main Street, and Black-Eyed Susan's in town on India Street.

Are there guided tours of the island? we really enjoyed the tour we took last year when we visited last year. thank you

Submited by susan from penna

Hello Susan: We recommend the Nantucket Historical Association's walking tour of downtown and tours offered by the Nantucket Walking Tours. In season, both offer tours daily, but this time of year you should call (NHA: 508-228-1894 and 508-332-0953 for Nantucket Walking Tours).
There are also some good van tours: Gails Tours http://www.nantucket.net/tours/gails and Ara's Tours http://www.arastours.com are two.
Or you could take tours that will introduce you to specific aspects of Nantucket, including: Harbor Tours with http://www.explorenantucket.com and a Brewery Tour http://www.ciscobrewers.com

While watching the "Nate" show, a lady showed where she found treasures at a place there called "Love it or Leave it". I cannot find any information on this place and am very interested in how it works and getting in touch with them. Thanks, Elaine

Submited by Elaine Phillips from Jacksonville, Florida

If you are speaking of Mariellen Scannell, then what she was referring to is a section of the Nantucket Town Dump that is called "The Take It Or Leave It" section. Some locals also call it "Love It or Leave It" and others call it "The Madaket Mall." It is a small building next to the recycling section of The Dump where townspeople can drop off items in good shape that others can take at no charge. There you can find books, clothes, small furniture, housewares, shoes, and more.

I'm visiting Nantucket the week of 9/24 and want to bring my Nantucket basket to be fixed (a hinge has disintegrated). Is there a basket hospital on island? I can leave it if necessary. Thanks!

Submited by wendy from loudonville, new york

Check with John Sylvia at Four Winds Craft Guild at the bottom of Main Street.

Would like to visit Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket during the week of 10/10/11. Is this a good time to visit? How long should I visit each of the islands? Are autos allowed there? Is there any activity and/or points of interest to visit during this time?

Submited by Josephine from New York

Hi Josephine: We only speak for Nantucket... Early October is beautiful on our island, the weather is usually still warm and most shops and restaurants are still open.

Yes, you can bring a car over, but you will need advance auto reservations with the Steamship Authority. Nantucket is only 7 miles by 14 miles, so in most cases you don't really need a car.

Do not miss the Nantucket Whaling Museum, there are several van tours available and if you have the time, this is a good way to see more of the island than you might on foot.

We are looking to come to stay in Nantucket on 9/23-9/26. Three questions please: Is the climate decent during this time? Also, which ferry companies can take us to MV for the day? ( I assume this is a service, if not please let me know:) Where is a good place to stay in Nantucket for a married couple in the mid 30's. Thanks!

Submited by Corey from Chicago

Some say that September on Nantucket is the best time of the year here! The water is still warm, but the crowds of summer are gone! You'll still need a jacket on most evenings, which can get chilly and breezy, but it's very likely that you'll also enjoy some great beachgoing days.

Your best bet for traveling directly from Nantucket to the Vineyard is to fly. (Some ferries offer island-to-island service during the busiest summer weeks, but come September, that service is no longer offered.) Cape Air offers direct flights between the islands. However, bear in mind that you would not have much time at all to spend on the Vineyard unless you plan to book a hotel there for the night www.winnetu.com. With your time frame, you may want to just stay on Nantucket and fully embrace the experience of our island during your weekend getaway!

The good news: Nantucket has some really spectacular accommodations that might be just right for you and your spouse. For a complete listing of some of the island's best B&Bs, click here www.nantucket.net/lodging/inns.php. If you'd like to be right downtown but maintain a private atmosphere, consider the romantic Anchor Inn or Cobblestone Inn. You'll get a real taste of old-timey Nantucket will all the amenities of the modern day. Also, it puts you within easy walking distance of the harbor as well as any downtown restaurant, bar, boutique or museum.

coming for our second visit next week...where can we get a good latte near our rental on School St? Do islanders have a favorite spot?

Submited by Debbie Jones from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Once you've tasted the sweetness of Nantucket, it's hard to stay away, isn't it? So glad you're coming back! The Bean has quickly become an island favorite -- it's run by Nantucket Coffee Roasters, who roast their own beans right here on Nantucket. It's not unusual for islanders to walk in and bump into good friends! Their lattes are steaming and delicious, crafted perfectly by experienced baristas. The Bean is tucked inside the building at 29 Centre Street. For a place that is slightly closer to you, try Even Keel Cafe on Main Street, just a few blocks from School Street. Their specialty lattes are wonderful!

Where in ack can I get my glasses fixed?

Submited by Lynn from Ack

Dr. Ruby operates ACKEye out of a new office on Old South Road.

Our plans are/were to visit during when is says that Hurricane Irene is passing through. What should we do? If it continues to be a hurricane (and not downgrade to a lower level storm) as it progresses, will we be evacuated from the island? Is there a shelter on the island?

Submited by Nantucket Visitor from New Jersey

Nantucket has never been evacuated during a hurricane -- where would we go? We shelter in place, we do not evacuate. If you are in need of shelter, go to Nantucket High School, 10 Surfside Road with your favorite pillow, a book to read, your cellphone and your charger. If you have children with you, bring snacks if you have some and items to comfort and occupy them. Necessities will be provided (food, medical care, water).

I am visiting Nantucket from Sept 17th to the 25th. I am interested in driving my jeep on the beach - what do I need to do to do this

Submited by Bill gerhardt from Berwyn PA

You will need to purchase a beach driving permit from the Town of Nantucket. You can obtain this at the Nantucket Police Station on Fairgrounds Road. The cost is $150. AND there are rules you must follow to preserve the delicate beach environment -- these rules will be given to you when you purchase your permit. Please note that if you intend to drive out to Great Point, then you need an additional permit from The Trustees of Reservations. This you can purchase at their Wauwinet Gatehouse.

I am a photo researcher for two cooking shows on PBS. I am looking for a photo of the Morning Glory Cafe and I was hoping someone could give me some sources to find a picture? thank you, Debby P

Submited by Debby Paddock from Hopkinton MA

Hi Debby: Try the Nantucket Historical Association: they have an extensive photo library. If that does not work, try posting a call for photos in the Nantucket.net classifieds.

Could you give me directions to where I need to go to get to the Light House on Brandt Point

Submited by Mary from Salem NH

The easiest way to get to Brant Point Lighthouse from downtown Nantucket is to head down South Beach Street, past the Yacht Club and LoLa 41. Turn right onto Easton Street, and keep going past The White Elephant, past the Brant Point Coast Guard Station, and onto the beach. Brant Point Lighthouse is straight ahead. It's a great place for a picnic, but please clean up and take all your trash with you -- leave only your footprints!

Hi, we are traveling to Nantucket next week for a week's vacation. I am not bringing a car but we are depending on cabs and buses. For my 5 month old we are definitely planning on bringing her car seat but I really don't want to bring my 2 year old's car seat, its huge and clunky and will not be great for hoping in and out of taxis and during our site seeing adventures. Will taxis pick us up and take us places with my two year old not in a car seat?

Submited by Mike from Tewksbury, MA

Even though you probably won't be traveling far, it is still a very good idea to properly secure your children for safety. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration & the American Academy of Pediatrics advise parents to keep children in rear-facing seats until age two. Massachusetts law require child safety seats until they turn 7 years old.

I wanted to bring my husband to nantucket for his birthday and would like to travel by motorcycle.How would we get to nantucket?

Submited by claudia from maryland

Hi Claudia: You can take the Steamship Authority traditional ferry to travel to Nantucket Island with a motorcycle. To make reservations go to www.steamshipauthority.com/ssa/index.cfm

I am heading up to Nantucket for my familys annual vacation that we take every year for the whole month of August. I was wondering if there were any new events this month?

Submited by Charlie McDaniel from North Carolina

There are frequently new events on Nantucket, particularly if you like gallery openings, concerts, and lectures. Even annual events vary from year-to-year, for example, this year the Pops Concert at Jetties Beach features Carly Simon. Theatre Workshop of Nantucket has several new productions opening in August. And fishing trips or whale watches are never the same. The Greater Light has reopened and the NHA is offering tours of this stunning historic site, and different homes are featured on the 2011 Nantucket Garden Club House tour on August 10. There are new shops to visit and new restaurants to try this season!

For more August events, check our Events Calendar www.yesterdaysisland.com/main_pages .

Are there any hotels or guest houses that allow pets?

Submited by Stacy from Baltimore

Yes, Stacy, there are several accommodations that allow and even encourage visitors to bring their dogs (you'll have to check about other pets -- you don't specify what you have!). Try Wharf (or "Woof") Cottages and The Brass Lantern Inn. Both are in town and lovely. For a listing of accommodations of all types, visit www.nantucket.net/lodging/index.php

Hello, We are contemplating a trip to Nantucket sometime in October. Are most restaurants,stores and other activities still open and active? Are you aware of any specials available? Suggestions on where to stay, how to find out about specials, things to see and do are MOST welcome and appreciated! Thanks and have a happy day, Catherine

Submited by Catherine L. Marcotte from western Massachusetts

Hello Catherine:
October is a beautiful time of year to visit Nantucket: the weather and water temperature are warm, most shops and restaurants are still open (though some begin to close at the end of October), and some inns either reduce their minimum stay requirements and/or offer special rates.
The Nantucket Maritime Festival is October 1; the annual Cranberry Festival is October 8; the annual Chowder Contest is October 15; and Halloween on Nantucket is as much fun for adults as it is for the little ones!
For more events, check our Events Calendar www.yesterdaysisland.com/main_pages which is frequently updated.

Heard that Tuppency, the conservation area is a good place to walk dogs...could you please tell me if it is in walking range from the center of town? Thank You!

Submited by Peggy Schmidt from Provincetown, MA

Tuppency is indeed an ideal spot for dog walking. You and your dog will almost definitely find some friends there! From the center of town, (let's say the Atheneum at 1 India Street) it is approximately 1.7 miles out to Tuppency by road. There is only a small stretch of road without a walking/bike path beside it, but the rest of the trek has a nice, wide path. So you can walk as quickly or as leisurely as you and your canine friend prefer!

Hi! I have been to ACK many many times and am bringing my car for the first time this July. Do I need any special permits to have a car on island, or am I good to go once I drive it off the ferry? Additionally, what is the cost/process for getting an oversand vehicle permit? THANKS!

Submited by Lori from Boston

Hi Lori:
You do not need a permit to have a car on Nantucket, but do watch where you park. Many of the downtown parking spaces are 30 minutes, and you will get ticketed if you go over that time. General Over-sand Vehicle Permits are available at the Nantucket Police Department between 8 am and 3 pm and cost $150 for a non-resident vehicle.
Oversand Vehicle Permits to drive in the Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Refuge (Great Point) may be obtained from The Trustees of Reservations Wauwinet Gatehouse daily from 9 am to 6 pm for $140.

We have a Sprinter van RV that is 24' long. Are we able to bring the RV to Nantucket and where can we park overnight?

Submited by Louis from Amelia Island, FL

You can bring almost any size vehicle over to Nantucket on the Steamship Authority ferry, the only ferry company that carries vehicles. You'll have to reserve space in advance and the cost in-season will be more than $400 round trip. You can find details here: www.steamshipauthority.com/ssa/index.cfm However, there are no public campgrounds on Nantucket, so you might want to park on the cape and visit Nantucket without your RV.

We are planning an RV trip, with a dog, around mid-september. Are dogs allowed on the ferry and around the island including hotels/motels?

Submited by Sue from Wisconsin

Hello Sue:
Yes, well-behaved dogs are welcome on the ferry and around Nantucket, and you'll see them everywhere. Several island hotels specifically advertise that they accept dogs, including
The Brass Lantern www.brasslanternnantucket.com
and at the Wharf (or "Woof") Cottages www.thecottagesnantucket.com/pet

We are coming to the Island for 1 night. We have a 2 year old and a 3 year old. How can we get from the ferry to town and back again without having to haul 2 huge car seats?? Any suggestions!! Thanks

Submited by Chrissy Gagliard from Norwood Ma.

Hi Chrissy:
Both ferry lines dock within walking distance of town, so it really depends on where your lodging is located. You can probably get by with a good, solid stroller (extra light weight strollers might be difficult to navigate on our brick sidewalks and stone crosswalks).

I will be on nantucket at the end of august. I would like to dock my 21 foot motor boat on the island. Are thetre slips available for short term rental. Thank You Warren

Submited by warren from nj

You can inquire about slip rentals by contacting the Nantucket Boat Basin www.nantucketboatbasin.com

my friend and I are coming Aug. 10 for a visit. It has been many years since I have been further than NYC. what will the weather be and what kind of clothing. I remember when we lived in Conn. it was cool in Aug.

Submited by Cleda Murray from Az.

Hello Cleda: This is New England, so the weather is unpredictable. That said, August on Nantucket has average high temperatures around 76 and lows around 63. You should be fine with sweaters or light jackets in the evenings.

What are the best kid friendly restaurant's? Which restaurants have take out near Surf side area of Nantucket?

Submited by Christine Omarra from new jersey

Our favorite kid-friendly restaurants include Easy Street Cantina, A.K. Diamonds, and Sophie T's Pizza. For takeout in the Surfside area, try A.K. Diamond's or Crosswinds at the Airport. For a listing of Casual Dining Restaurants, go to www.nantucket.net/food/casual.php

What is the best way to visit Nantucket for the day from Martha's Vineyard.

Submited by Diane from P.A.

Flying is the quickest way to get from one island to the other. Try Cape Air.
Also, Hy-Line Cruises hylinecruises.com runs ferry service between Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard. Or, you could just come and stay on Nantucket!

Is there anywhere to park for free during most of the day? I have work in town and it's really hard to park without getting a ticket.

Submited by Brittany from Nantucket, MA

The Town Parking Lot on Washington Street is free parking, but you have to get there early to find a spot. Have you considered using the park & ride lots the NRTA offers and taking their shuttle bus into town?

R.H. Macy was born on Nantucket Island - do you know where on the Island the Macy's lived?

Submited by Diane from New Jersey

Rowland Hussey Macy is well known for founding Macy's Department store chain in the 1800s. He went on only one whaling voyage before deciding to enter retailing. His first shop was in his father's home at the corner of Main & Fair streets (where Murray's Toggery Shop now stands).
Your other question was on the origins of the name of Hussey Street. "Hussey" was a common surname on Nantucket.

Does it make sense to rent a car when visiting for 10 days in July? I have a 13 yr old and a 6 yr old so we want to make sure we can ALL easily get around in July when we come visit. Thanks!!

Submited by Perry from Texas

Hello Perry: The answer to your question depends somewhat on where you are staying. Nantucket Island is only 7 miles wide and 14 miles long, so it is easy to get around. Also, there is a shuttle bus www.nrtawave.com
If you are staying in or near town, then you probably do not need a vehicle. You might, however, want to rent one for just a day or two to explore Siasconset, Madaket (great for kids), and a few of the other areas of Nantucket.

My grandparents and great grans had summer homes in mid- late 1800's to at least 1925. William P Hubbard,from Wheeling WVa [home, Marinear moved from 'town' to 'moors']. A Hinkley Lane is mentioned. and near it a 1908 home called Sunnyacre was built for William and Louise Hubbard Hudson.I have wonderful photos of life as it was then.Would this be Siasconset? I wonder if you can locate this area and are the homes still there? Any contact for more information would be greatly appreciated. Sharon Privett

Submited by Sharon Privett from Norfolk va

Hi Sharon: For your question, we asked an expert: Daryl Westbrook of Westbrook Real Estate. Here is her answer...
It sounds to me as if you are talking about the cliff rd area and Hinckley Ln near the WESTMOOR CLUB - Sunnyacre was certainly a popular name for that time - because many of the houses were on an acre - but it is not Sconset - from the intersection of N. Liberty out was moors and some farms - and of course Tuppancy Links.

Does Nantucket pretty much close down for the winter? We're looking for a Feb/March 'getaway'and have always fancied going to Nantucket, but the more research we do, the more it seems that winter/early spring is not the best time to trial it! Can you confirm?with thanks,Gale

Submited by Gale from London

Hi Gale:
Winter on Nantucket is a quiet time, but if you're looking for a peaceful getaway to reconnect and relax, a visit here in February or March may be just what you're seeking. Nantucket does not shut down. There are a dozen or so restaurants & bars open. Activities include lectures, live music by local bands, winter conservation walks & bird walks, movies, trivia night, and more. You can check our Calendar of Events for those months to see what was going on this past winter.
If you are looking for more activity but still want to avoid the summertime crowds, then come to Nantucket in springtime (in April we hold an annual Daffodil Festival) or in the autumn. In September and October the weather is gorgeous, all the restaurants and shops are open, it's still warm enough to go to the beach and to swim, and more activities are happening.

Approximately how many one-day trippers visit nantucket in any given summer?

Submited by Jane Alpers c/o Denneen & Company from Cambridge, MA

No one really keeps track of who is here for just one day, but we can tell you that during most summers our population swells from 12,000+ to 50,000+. We also know that the public ferries and airplanes can bring more than 3,000 people a day.

What does Figawi mean and what does it have to do with Nantucket?

Submited by Renee C. from Philadelphia, PA

Hi Renee!
Figawi is arguably THE Cape Cod weekend sailboat race event of the year! It all began in 1972 when four friends decided to race their boats from Hyannis to Nantucket. The tradition stuck, and today Figawi fills an entire weekend with fun and camaraderie for family, friends, and community. Also, each year's event brings with it the Figawi Charity Ball, which raises over $200,000 for Cape Cod charities!
Regarding the name itself, imagine a group of seafarers with heavy Boston accents caught in the fog...so Figawi is a nice way to say, "Where the #@!$ ahhh we?"

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